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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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9 HR processes to automate right now – Things you shouldn't have to spend a lot of time on

The HR department is no longer the simple administrative department. With its tasks and duties on the rise, it's only right that you try to automate as many processes as you possibly can.


Performance reviews

You can alternate the word documents with an automated review method that would include review touchpoints and key approval. This way you can ensure there's consistency throughout the organisation and also, employees too will have an idea as to where they stand and what comes next in the process.


Employee onboarding

Collecting information using a paper-based system is more than difficult. But if you have an open source HR software, this can be easily done. You can collect information quickly and effectively using online forms and get in touch with other departments if need be. If they want information on a certain employee, you can forward information through email anytime you want.


Employee offboarding

Just like employee onboarding, doing this manually could be a nightmare. When an employee parts with the company, it's not easy to separate him or her from the organisation. But with software like Orange HRM, it's made easier!


Travel requests

Rather than sending an email to everyone to get approval over a travel request, you can provide your employees with a simple form to gather all the necessary approvals and send the information to relevant departments.


Employee status change

If a manager wants to change the status of an employee, it's necessary to get in touch with the approvers. You can make this process easier, more effective and less time consuming by automating the system. This way, everyone will be on the same page, and there will be no surprise when it comes to one's changed status. You can give access to the only personals who need to be aware of the change.


Leave requests

Just like travel requests, by automating this process, you can save the time you'll otherwise be spending on sending emails back and forth. Getting leaves approved and checking if one is entitled to leaves are made so much better and easier by a digital system.


Grievance processes

You might already have a formalised process for this. This could be part of a lawsuit or termination – so you need to make sure that your company has a consistent and diligent system to track down grievances.



This is part and parcel of any organisation's success. You can use a system like HRIS to make sure that your employees are getting proper training consistently. An automated system will help you identify your current offerings and where your employees stand in terms of personal development. Decide on what training should be provided and what's more popular in order to plan your future training needs.


Job postings

Hiring people for a company is no easy job. As the company focus and business requirements change, your staffing requirement may vary. It's a hassle to begin with - so incorporating an automated system for applicant submissions, and job postings is beneficial as well as easy.

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