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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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6 Amazing Adrenaline Filled Activities – not for the weak at heart!

There are plenty of delightful indulgences that adrenaline junkies can try out to enjoy epic thrills! The article below details 6 amazing activities that you certainly must try out at least once.


Sky diving

Sky diving is an activity that the bold and the daring desperately yearn to try out. The intense adrenaline rush that pumps through your veins when you jump out of the plane can truly electrify you! It is certainly an activity that is reserved for the brave! In places like Australia, Las Vegas, and Miami you can enjoy sky diving. The spectacular sceneries that sprawl beneath you as you rush towards dear old Earth will truly captivate you!



Ziplining is also a very popular activity that has taken the world up by the storm. You will be able to feel intense joy as you rush at a dizzying speed across breathtaking sceneries. The activity is not for the fainthearted for sure!
Ziplining is one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka. There are very good establishments that offer this indulgence to daring travellers. Places like Flying Ravana can certainly be highly recommended. Singapore, Hawaii and Puerto Rico also offer sensational ziplining adventures.



Feel the intense power and rush of foaming waters as you enjoy a thrilling experience of rafting. It truly is an experience that will leave you breathless! Hurl downstream or explore scary rapids on your little dingy with your loved ones and enjoy the time of your life. You will be wearing safety gear at all times so there really isn't anything to worry about. Be sure to check the weather and the condition of the waters before embarking on rafting tours because safety indeed has to be of paramount importance!


Bungy jumping

If you haven't tried bungy jumping at least once, you really haven't experienced the ultimate adrenaline rush! Every ounce of motivation and strength that you have in your system will be needed to take you through this experience. As you inch your way to the edge and finally take the leap, all your fears will vanish, and you will sense intense freedom!



Caving is a popular pastime among the bold and the adventurous. This is an experience that you can enjoy in countries like Sri Lanka, Iceland, and Malaysia. As you find your way through the mysterious caves, your heart will freeze with anxiety and fear. The pitch-black caves are certainly not for those who suffer from claustrophobia!


Swimming with sharks

Come face to face with the ruthless death machines of the oceans and feel the blood run cold in your veins! Swimming with sharks is an adventurous activity that the bold and the daring are addicted to. You will be witnessing the majestic beauty of these giant beasts from the safety of a cage, so you will be very safe throughout the experience. But the moment the sharks come within your range of vision, you will be instinctively frozen with fear. It sure is an activity that will give you nightmares for many months!

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