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Hong Kong Must Try Dishes - For an unforgettable cuisine!

Hong Kong is a haven for foodies and boasts of all kinds of cuisines. Here is a list of the must-try dishes when in Hong Kong.


Roasted goose

Hong Kong's version of roasted goose is to die for. This meat that is cooked to perfection is soft and tender and melts in the mouth. The flavours are just perfect, and the crispy goodness is going to be one of your all-time favourite dishes. Besides, some recipes make the dish out of twenty different spices, aromatics and herbs. The flavours are bound to tantalise those taste sensors for sure!


Dim sum

You can book your flienter link description hereght to Hong Kong just to try the world famous dim sum. This is the age-old tradition where you drink Chinese tea with bite-sized portions called the dim sum. The dish can vary from chicken feet, pork to shrimps, all washed down with tea. This is a must have experience for all foodies out there. Besides, if you are looking for restaurants in Wan Chai to taste the local cuisine, then properties the likes of Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong offer a good dining experience.


Lo mai gai

This is another dish served at places that specialise in dim sums. Places usually being teahouses. So, what is this dish exactly? The Lo mai gai is a dish of glutinous rice that is served with pork and chicken. Sometimes, Chinese sausages are added too. This mixture is wrapped in a lotus leaf and steamed. The aroma will fill your lungs and you'll be craving to have a taste of it!


Roasted chicken

Roasted meats are a Cantonese special, and one does admire the skills and talents they have mastered in making this exquisite dish. Roasted chicken is another dish that needs to be tried and you can do that in Hong Kong. This is quite similar to the roasted goose but differs in the marinade that's added. The marinade is less spicy here. The chicken is made to perfection with the right levels of crispiness. One crunchy bite will ooze all flavours that have been packed in!


Brisket curry and noodles

Brisket is another mouth-watering goodness that can be tasted when in Hong Kong. The name itself promises all kinds of delectable goodness. When in Asia, a noodles dish is a must. Thus, start with the brisket. The noodles are made out of Chinese spices and herbs and the curry on top really brings the dish together. You need nothing else.


Clay pot rice

We mentioned noodles, how about rice? Rice is another staple food of Asia and thus deserves to be tasted here. The clay pot rice, as the name suggests, is cooked in a clay pot with a number of ingredients including mushrooms, chicken, sausages and so on. Clay pots have a tendency to make anything mouth-watering!


Braised pigeon

Another local favourite is the braised pigeon in soy sauce. Most roasted meat stalls have this option in Hong Kong, so you don't have to go looking around to find it. The meat is succulent and juicy, with delectable flavours.

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