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Medical Equipment Resources in India | Medinnova Systems Pvt Ltd

The growth within healthcare industry has been progressive in India. The past 10 years specially has seen a uptrend in every metric in all sectors within Healthcare. The influencing aspect of the growth has been the fact a simultaneous growth in awareness equally supported by development in its infrastructure and its ancillary services.

What Is A Heart Lung Machine? – Medinnova Systems

Development of the heart lung machine (HLM) is a result of continuous research since years. Research and development of HLM was started by group of Doctors following the death of patient during cardiac surgery due to unavailability of blood circulation during the procedure. This led to the invention of Heart Lung Machine which turned out…

Refurbished medical equipment suppliers in India

Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd. is one of the highly recognized and trusted medical equipment company in India.

iabp machine cost

Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd. - is the most leading company to provide high quality medical equipment for sale and supply to Hospital,Clinics and surgical center in Gujarat and all over India.

Refurbished MRI Machines

The recent years have witnessed incredible growth of high quality refurbished MRI machines in India. One of the biggest advantages of such equipments is availability of optimal quality scanners at competitive price. Especially when increasing number of health organizations suffer from troubling economy, purchasing refurbished medical equipment which ensures best quality is need of the…

Neurosurgery microscope in India

Being an indispensable instrument in the medical profession, Neurosurgical microscope is used to obtain enlarged image of small objects.The widely recognized function of microscope is the enlargement of objects in the operating field.

medical equipment company in India

Large number of heart bypass procedures is performed using heater-cooler every year. Heater-cooler devices are used to keep patient’s blood circulation and organs at specific temperature during all open-heart surgeries. They simply work by providing cold and hot water to heart-lung machines to control the temperature of patient’s body during surgery. These devices usually make…

The MaquetDatascope CS300 IABP

Intra Aortic Balloon Pump is one of the most commonly used mechanical circulatory assist devices for cardiac patients. The device is able to decrease the preload and increase systolic output with improvement in myocardial oxygen supply demand ratio. It thus improves ventricular function. In the modern world, continuous improvements in IABP technology provide best hemodynamic…

Biphasic Defibrillator price in India

The Defibrillator is a key device used in the medical world which turns abnormal ECG rhythm of a patient into a normal rhythm by giving an appropriate amount of external electric current.

medical equipment company in India

Understanding the MRI system requires a person to study the major parts of MRI machine which are as follows