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Headline for Mahé – What to eat and Where? – Food for your Heart and Soul
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Mahé – What to eat and Where? – Food for your Heart and Soul

The art of cuisine is one that nourishes both your heart and your soul – and when in Mahé, surrounded by the beauty of white sands and the bluest of waters, food is an art that can do just that. Scroll down for a list of what to eat and where in Mahé!


All about the seafood!

Mahé is an island state, and therefore, you guessed it, it is all about the seafood! Mahé's speciality dishes revolve around the seafood and the island's colonial heritage has a large part to play in its cuisine. Mahé offers a combination of British and French tastes to your palate but has a healthy bit of the Indian part of its heritage thrown in with its creole! Seafood, from Tuna to Red Snapper, to other seafood, such as Prawns, octopus and even Shark on occasion are all available, fresh from the ocean as well!


Where can I eat in Mahé?

Mahé offers a wide range of restaurant options for you to choose from, and if you are looking for Restaurants in Mahe Seychelles, keep reading!


Want to have the full experience?

If you are looking for the best culinary experience, then we have you covered! But if you are looking for a full continental experience, when you visit Mahé next, be sure to check out the spread available to you at Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino!


Feeling adventurous about food?

Eating at restaurants near water is your best option when in Mahé and the island offers you a wide range of restaurants on the beachside and other water sources. If you are feeling a bit daring, and are looking for a good octopus curry to soothe your cravings then the Anse Soleil Restaurant is a good option for you!


Want to satisfy a Creole food craving?

When in Mahé, Creole cuisine is a must that you must try, and if it is all about the creole food for you, then your best options are the range of dishes on offer at the Boat House on the Beau Vallon or the Le Reduit restaurant in Victoria!


Feeling lazy change clothes after your swim?

If you don't feel like changing out of your bathing suits because you want to get back into those inviting waters, then, Baobab on the Beau Vallon is the restaurant for you!


Want to try a more international culinary fair?

If you are getting a little tired of all the rich spices in traditional Seychelles food, and want the comfort of the familiar pizza, then, the Le Corsaire on the Bel Ombre village is the place to go for you!


Travelling on a budget?

Want to give all the food you see a try, but you are travelling on a budget? Then Mahé has you covered at the Lounge 8 restaurant on Vista Bay!


Want to try it all?

Feel like trying it all? Whether it is Creole, international and everything else? Then the Le Perle Noire on the Beau Vallon offers you all that and more! Or you could try the Opera Restaurant in Anse a la Mouche!

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