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Writing Tips

Tips to enhance your writing skills

Writing skills Improvement Easy Steps | Jamie Smartkins

Improving writing skills . Basic steps to make you a stand out writer. 20 easy steps to hone your writing skills in any form of writing.

Write a Book : 10 ridiculously simple steps | Jamie Smartkins

Good writing is what authors vouch for. It can be achieved through discipline .I have listed 10 easy steps by which a novice author can write a book

How to write a good query letter in 7 easy steps |Jamie Smartkins

Writing a good query letter gives you an edge over other authors sending their work simultaneously These 7 steps if you follow will make you stand out .

Novel synopsis Learn how to Write | Jamie Smartkins

Draft your synopsis first before writing the novel .Write in active voice and in third person,use fresh original concept and keep it short and simple.

Examples - Ways to hook a reader | Jamie Smartkins

Examples to hook a reader in a story. The following examples give clear approch to write enticing hooks in your story or essayss.

Writing mistakes a beginner must avoid in his first novel

Beginners must avoid the following mistakes before writing a novel.The article focus on the basic beginner level mistakes on writing.

Topics for Creative writing in English | Jamie Smartkins

The post discusses the topics for creative writing any author can start with.You need to find the right creative topic where you can write amazing stuff.

Does a science fiction author come from science background | Jamie

An author needs be aware science so he can use the science in his fiction to pen down a great science fiction story. This articles describes that.

How to get past Writer's Block: Secret Tips | Jamie Smartkins

The article discusses about general struggles of any author in writing a creative content. Writer's block elimination steps are mentioned.

How to write a book report in simple english| Jamie Smartkins

Steps to write a book report in simple english. The article is for the middle and high school level students assigned to prepare book reports.

Fiction Characters Top 5 of all time | Jamie Smartkins

This article discusses about the top 5 fiction characters from novels. The characters which has special place in every audience heart in good way or bad way

Writing Styles - 4 important styles | Jamie Smartkins

The article discusses about different writing styles of writing .It describes in details each style of writing any author may possess.

How to write an Impressive Book Title | Jamie Smartkins

Write an impressive book title using following steps. This strategy generates a killer book title and helps in book marketing.

How to Develop a Protagonist in your Novel | Jamie Smartkins

Creating an awesome protagonist determines the success of your story. This article discusses on how to develop a great protagonist.

Simple Effective Rules for Writing for web - Jame Smartkins

Writing on web and writing on paper are two different tasks. This article discusses on those effective rules to succeed writing for web regarding any topic.

Top Worst Story Opening a writer must avoid | Jamie Smartkins

Every writer has his/her own style of writing. But a writer must avoid these following worst opening story ideas that could impact the readership.

Starting your story or novel writing - Simple Steps | Jamie

Starting the opening sentence is tough for any genre of story. So follow the simple steps to start your story or novel writing and captivate the readers.

Find Writing Inspiration when Running Out Of Ideas

Ways to find Writing inspiration when running out of ideas. There are several means to find inspiration to boost your creative ideas in writing.

15 Reasons Why you must write | Jamie Smartkins

Writing is an art . This article is about why everyone should inculcate the habit of writing daily.Everyone must write daily for several reasons.

Creative Writing - Definition and examples | Jamie Smartkins

Creative writing definition with examples discussed. Several techiniques to master creative writing skills for any novice author.

Simple tips for writing essay that looks compelling to readers

Write an essay is not so difficult. Simple tip to follow in writing an essay that is compelling and captivating to the readers

Fantasy World Building - The Ultimate Guide | Jamie Smartkins

Fantasy world building guide for all authors and take your readers throught the exhirating journey to the world you create in your story.

How to define Novel Characters? Character Development

Define and develop your novel characters if you are writing a novel. Growing and defining the characrters are important parameters to write a great novel.

Simple Fiction writing tips for beginners | Jamie Smartkins

Simple fiction writing tips for beginners to follow. These tips is applicable to both fiction, fantasy and science fiction.