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Writing Tips

Tips to enhance your writing skills

Writing skills Improvement Easy Steps | Jamie Smartkins

Improving writing skills . Basic steps to make you a stand out writer. 20 easy steps to hone your writing skills in any form of writing.

Write a Book : 10 ridiculously simple steps | Jamie Smartkins

Good writing is what authors vouch for. It can be achieved through discipline .I have listed 10 easy steps by which a novice author can write a book

How to write a good query letter in 7 easy steps |Jamie Smartkins

Writing a good query letter gives you an edge over other authors sending their work simultaneously These 7 steps if you follow will make you stand out .

Novel synopsis Learn how to Write | Jamie Smartkins

Draft your synopsis first before writing the novel .Write in active voice and in third person,use fresh original concept and keep it short and simple.

Examples - Ways to hook a reader | Jamie Smartkins

Examples to hook a reader in a story. The following examples give clear approch to write enticing hooks in your story or essayss.

Writing mistakes a beginner must avoid in his first novel

Beginners must avoid the following mistakes before writing a novel.The article focus on the basic beginner level mistakes on writing.

Topics for Creative writing in English | Jamie Smartkins

The post discusses the topics for creative writing any author can start with.You need to find the right creative topic where you can write amazing stuff.

Does a science fiction author come from science background | Jamie

An author needs be aware science so he can use the science in his fiction to pen down a great science fiction story. This articles describes that.

How to get past Writer's Block: Secret Tips | Jamie Smartkins

The article discusses about general struggles of any author in writing a creative content. Writer's block elimination steps are mentioned.

How to write a book report in simple english| Jamie Smartkins

Steps to write a book report in simple english. The article is for the middle and high school level students assigned to prepare book reports.

Fiction Characters Top 5 of all time | Jamie Smartkins

This article discusses about the top 5 fiction characters from novels. The characters which has special place in every audience heart in good way or bad way

Writing Styles - 4 important styles | Jamie Smartkins

The article discusses about different writing styles of writing .It describes in details each style of writing any author may possess.

How to write an Impressive Book Title | Jamie Smartkins

Write an impressive book title using following steps. This strategy generates a killer book title and helps in book marketing.

How to Develop a Protagonist in your Novel | Jamie Smartkins

Creating an awesome protagonist determines the success of your story. This article discusses on how to develop a great protagonist.