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Top 4 Night Food Markets and Spots in Bangkok – The city that never sleeps

The city of Bangkok never sleeps as most of the shops and restaurants in the city are open throughout the day. Night time is however when the city is the most beautiful and offers the most to do.


Talad Rodfai Ratchada

Also known as the train market, Talad Rodfai Ratchada gets its nickname for being originally located next to a railway station. This market is full of stalls selling handmade crafts and arts, clothes, street food and memorabilia. Talad Rodfai Ratchada is also full of bars and restaurants that feature live music, making it a great place to enjoy a bite to eat while listening to local artists perform covers of popular western music.


Talad Huay Kwang

If you want to get the truly authentic Thai experience when it comes to night markets Talad Huay Kwang is a place you should visit. Situated on Prachasongkro road, this old-fashioned night market has food stalls selling various good and services on either side of the road. Tourists who visit this market for the first time will find an abundance of smartphone vendors, toy shops, clothing stores and nail salons. But if you take time and explore the area surrounding Talad Huay Kwang you'll also find street food stalls that sell grilled fish, southern Thai curries, northern Thai salads, meatballs and a wide variety of noodle dishes. Unless you're accompanied by a tour guide or a local, you'll find this market hard to navigate as all the signboards and menus are printed in Thai as the market caters to the locals rather than foreigners. If you venture down

Ratchada towards Sukhumvit you'll come across a shrine devoted to the Hindu God Ganesha. This area is one of the religious places in the city where local devotee gathers to offer their prayers and is home to many fortune tellers.


Talad Neon

Being the newest addition to the night markets in Bangkok, Talad Neon is a night market that features a bright exterior and is home lots of food stalls and restaurants that serve experimental food. If you're a cheese lover Talad Neon is a great place to visit as you'll be able to find many dishes that contain cheese similar to Lava Style Talay Cheese- a seafood dish that is cooked with cheese and Friend Cheese- French fries that are covered in cheese and served with a cheese dip. Tuk Tuk, a restaurant housed inside a shipping container is one of the most popular restaurants located in Talad Neon that serves a wide variety of Thai food that is both aesthetically pleasing and rich in flavour.



Located on the docks of the Chao Phraya River and close some of the most popular Bangkok resorts situated on its riverside similar to Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, Asiatique is one of Thailand's most famous night food markets. While this area was initially owned by the Dutch company Dutch Asiatic Company, in the present day it is a vibrant night market that features a stunning design and plenty of open-air market style stalls. It offers a stunning view of the Ferris wheel that can be seen far off on the horizon, handmade souvenirs, boutiques designed by Thai architects and a wide selection of restaurants and bars. where visitors can grab a bite to eat or a cold drink while enjoying the exciting atmosphere. Most of the restaurants and bars are located on the boardwalk of the riverside and is lined with old telephone booths, warehouses, old rickshaws and trams which make great background props for taking photographs.