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Know all about EZ-Rack USA !

EZ Rack USA’S hair color storage rack system is a family run business which is an extension of the EZ Hanging Color Rack’s hair color organizer management system based out of Canada.

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You have two weeks from your delivery date to return your purchase to receive a full refund of your money, minus any shipping + handling cost. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order please contact Customer Service at 305-944-8865 or

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How your Salon Can Benefit from Hair Color Tube Racks

Hair color tube racks should be considered to be a salon staple along with chairs, sinks, mirrors and hair tools. Hair color tube racks are also a great addition to beauty schools or for hair stylists or colorists in training.

Buy Rack Color Key - EZ RACKS USA

shop color rack key through EZ Rack USA, You can use the key to makes measuring easy for you and It will also help you to minimizes waste.

Understanding The Differences Between Box Hair and Professional Hair Dye | Help More!

Hair has a variety of shades. The fault of box dye comes from its greatest quality: it is generalized. The dyes are not made specifically for your specific hair tone and the desired hair tone. Furthermore, you don’t have the expertise to know how much dye you need versus the kind of application to get the desired effect you were looking for.

Color Storage Rack - Products - EZ RACKS USA

Having a storage rack sort the mess that hair color tube can create. This rack comes with the following features:-

  1. It is the most organized, quick dispensing, inventory control system out there.
  2. The racks have 10 slots across each slot is 2 1/4 inches wide.
  3. Each slot fits 4-5 boxes high, depending on the color line used.

Here are the four most common reason why you need to have a storage system for hair coloring to save money, time, and bring in more clients.

  1. Do not Waste Time Searching for the Hair Color You Need
  2. Do not Waste Money by Throwing out Product that You Forgot You Opened
  3. Do not Leave Your Clients Waiting for any Longer than You Absolutely Need To
  4. Do not pay for a Lesser Quality Product
Setting Up A Hair Salon: Pros Of Buying Wholesale Hair Salon Equipment

Benefits of purchasing the equipment and other items for your hair salon. Few of them are listed below:-

Color Key – EZ Rack USA

AN OFF THE WALL TURN KEY SOLUTION for Salon Color Management
1. EZ Rack Color Keys are the “key” component in utilizing the racks to their full potential
2. They are size 2 3/4 inches long that fit all tubes of color.
3. Fits perfect on each peg of the rack.
4. Makes measuring easy and minimizes waste.

Tips To Help You Organize Your Hair Color Products On A Tube Rack

A hair color tube rack has the ability to hold great amount of tubes for hair dye into a small space where the customer can see and choose what they want. A hair color tube holder is an essential tool to have in a beauty salon because it allows you to organize various similar-looking items into a small space and differentiate each item from the other.

How To Choose The Best Equipment For Your Salon

If you want to save money while shopping, contact reputed suppliers who sell bulk products or wholesalers who are keen on selling the hair salon equipment at discounted prices. Don’t make a decision seeing a discount as there are hundreds of such suppliers who try to scam people as well. You might end up getting a product that has been compromised in its quality and price.

What Makes A Hair Salon Best In The Town

One point that you need to do is to recognize the circumstances that define a good hair salon from a bad one. There are few professional hair salons that provide good services to the clients. Here is a list of some key features that make a hair salon most qualified in the town.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing A Good Color Bar Organizer

Salon color bars will reduce a lot of the mess that is generally caused by traditional methods of storage, and they also help in saving time and money. Salon color bar organizers are structured in a way that allows for a tight, neat presentation.

Basic Salon Equipment Need For A Salon Startup

As everybody has a defined budget plan for the equipment you are going to need, it is imperative that you bring into play experts who’s got some real trick up their sleeves as to how you can operate successfully in the niche. Here are a list of few items that we think is required for a startup:-
1. Scissors, blades, and clippers
2. Stations
3. Chairs and seats
4. Assorted items

Know How To Prevent Damage During Hair Coloring!

It is very recommended that you check for noxious components in hair dyes before purchase. So as to avoid being infected with depressing hair challenges or problems. During or before dye usage, be sure that you monitor and carefully follow this recipe…
1. Purchase the Right Dye
2. Test your Hair
3. Avoid Using Hair Dyes with External Ingredients
4. Semi-permanent dyes would do

Why Your Salon Needs To Consider a New Racking System

Every business owner wants to come across as professional and cleanly, this has a lot to do with the overall brand image of your business- what image would you like your business to portray? Imagine walking into a dimly lit salon with stacks of hair dye piled sky-high just waiting to fall on employees or customers.

Beautifying Work Conditions: Informing Employee, Independent Contractor, Booth Renter Of Their Rights In Salon

Independent contractor are those who don’t have any permanent employment in any saloon. The nature of work for an individual contractor is infrequent. An individual contractor gets paid on the basis of the task they perform.