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10 reasons to visit Maldives – experiences of exquisite wonder

The most used superlatives would at most times prove insufficient to describe the Maldives and what it represents. Here are the top 10 reasons as to why you should consider coming over.



If there is an element that best defines the Maldives it is undoubtedly the numerous water sporting activities that can afford both the laidback as well as the adventurous at heart a truly memorable experience. While diving, snorkelling and scuba diving can be enjoyed in and around reef sections, banana boat rides, jet skiing, wakeboarding and the newest entrant; sea bobbing which acts as a personal submarine cum waterproof scooter ought to be resorted to in the event you desire to take on the challenges of the wider expanses of ocean.


The ocean

The Maldives takes great pride in the varying species of marine life that inhabit its coastal waters. In some cases, based on where you may be accommodated at, you will have the unique opportunity to learn of the conservation efforts that go into safeguarding coral reefs. This is why when you go diving you will be able to capture mesmerizing scenes of well-kept corals coupled with marine life that arrive in numerous shapes, sizes and colours. These seas are also best for enjoying night fishing and Dhoni (traditional local craft) boat rides as well.


Beautiful sunsets

Seen as the perfect ending to your day, a Maldivian sunset is by far the most beautiful occurrence in this part of the world. The ever-changing hues are remarkable facets that are sure to make even time stand still and appreciate.



The activity of surfing deserves separate and special mentioning as the Maldives has access to ideal conditions to bring out the surfing enthusiast in you. The monsoonal rains together with year-round sunshine are what every surfer hopes for and thus one must definitely bring one's surfboard next time around.



Soft, powdery white sands which are found along the palm-fringed islands are perfect for spells of sunbathing or a quiet stroll during the evening so that one might take in the breathtaking environs at one's own pace.



Perhaps taking a tour of the nation's capital of Male will get you up, close and personal with cultural elements that for years have helped shape the Maldives into what it is today. The bodu beru dances, local markets and religious shrines are fine examples of cultural symbolism. Even staying at a resort or hotel property such as Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives will let you exchange pleasantries with the staff and in turn, you will be able to pick up the more commonly used phrases.


Romantic escapes

Yes, the Maldives paves the way for couples to escape into their own little paradises where many a memory can be made. Further, honeymooners are known to come over in their numbers owing to the brilliant accommodation options and leisure outings that can be made good use of.



Imagine sinking your teeth into the best-baked crab on the planet? Or how does a seafood platter accompanied by the hottest and spiciest curries sound? Dining in Maldives is one of the finest of pastimes that travellers can ever embark on as the richness in variety, taste and quality is hard to replicate elsewhere in the world.



Revel in the lap of luxury and be escorted to a place where your every sense will be awakened. Spa therapy in the Maldives involves a range of herbal remedies, massages, sweet-smelling oils and caring hands that only have your best interests at heart.



Dhoni rides, luxury yacht cruises, speedboat rides and seaplane transfers serve as the most frequently used forms of transportation that are unconventional in every sense of the word.

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