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Top 7 must-try British dishes - A foodie's guide to London

British food is a must try when touring London. There are many places offering traditional favourites such as fish and chips that will treat the foodie in you to some old-time delights. Do read on.


The Good Old Fish and Chips

No food is more British than a good old platter of fish and chips. A list topper for any foodie journeying to London, nothing is more popular in London. The dish is better enjoyed at seaside resorts such as Brighton, Whitby or Blackpool, but does quite well at London restaurants as well. Traditionally fish and chips are eaten to the accompaniment of soft peas and garnishings of salt and vinegar.


Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding

Nothing spells British treats like a Sunday roast. A full Sunday roast will thus include meat, vegetables and thick gravy to be mopped up with Yorkshire pudding. Check out a Westfield Shepherds Bush restaurant for some of the best Sunday Roast spreads; fine eateries that are easy to access from hotels like Dorsett Shepherds Bush London.


The Eton Mess

Named after the prestigious British school, this is a classic British dessert that one simply cannot afford to miss when in London. A real treat for the sweet tooth, the dessert is made with strawberries, meringue and fresh cream; that's right folks, it tastes just as divine as the ingredients suggest it to be. Touring London eateries you are sure to come across variants of the dessert that contains different varieties of fruit and even ice cream instead of the fresh cream; although, it is the classic version that deserves first taste, then again, the alternatives will most likely taste just as fine and do deserve to be sampled.


Pie and Mash

You may have heard of the humble steak and kidney pie of Britain, well, pie and mash is a variant of this that has been modified over the years. Pie being a much-loved comfort food is available in a variety of fillings, choose from a range of fillings that are accompanied by huge servings of gravy and mashed potatoes. One of the most popular pub foods to be enjoyed in town, the humble pie and mash promise to satisfy any type of hunger pang, besides, it is a dish that is easy on the purse.


Bangers and Mash

Bangers and mash is once more a British classic, which is simply sausages and mashed potato on the side. Ideal for those cold London nights a hearty meal of bangers and mash, promises to leave you feeling full and cosy. Heap on the brown sauce and tuck into juicy sausages coated in lashings of soft creamy mash and you will want nothing else on a cold rainy day in town.



A staple at London's East End, cockles is a type of clam that is enjoyed in this region. A cheap and staple food in the east end district, the clams are most enjoyed by the adventurous foodie. Cockles are widely available at supermarkets and food markets and can be cooked up in batches to delicious recipes.


The Full English Breakfast

One of the most filling and tastiest of all breakfast menus, most travellers often seek out a full English breakfast to start off their adventures. Traditionally this course will contain sausages, bacon, eggs, mushroom, potatoes, tomato, toast and blood pudding the latter, which by the way, is believed to be the perfect remedy for a hangover. Extremely delicious and easy to make, a full English breakfast will keep you fuelled and feeling satisfied during all that London sightseeing that's on offer.