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FlashCards and Vocabulary Apps

This Listly is part of a link-up of 8 different product-creation app lists (see below) to support vocabulary development on the iPad.

  1. Flashcards and Vocabulary Apps
  2. Graphic Organizer Apps
  3. Book Creation Apps
  4. Picture and Text Apps
  5. Video Creation Apps
  6. Screen-Casting Apps
  7. Fixed Template Apps
  8. Audio Apps

Task Description

Task Description

Using one of the apps on this list, please create a product that will aid in the deeper understanding of content vocabulary. You may use your own content vocabulary or you may select from the list provided.




You can make a Google spreadsheet to create a card stack

iVocabulary - ThingLink

An interactive image by TechChef4u.

Return to the Thinglink to find all 8 iVocabulary App Lists.

iStudious - Flashcards w/ Handwriting and Rich Text

Please try iStudious LITE for free before buying. Just search "iStudious lite".

Updated for iOS7. Bug reports related to iOS7 release are now fixed.

iStudious lets you create the most unique flashcards on iPad and iPhone. Share your creations with friends, students, or your children!


Topgrade Flashcard Maker

Topgrade Flashcard Maker

You learn quicker and easier when learning is fun!
Topgrade Flashcard Maker lets you quickly make fun flashcards to test yourself and your friends.
Also, build, play and share your flashcards across your Android phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC with a account and join over 139,000 learners who have improved their exam results and had fun with our Online Learning System.