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Top Diving Sites in the Maldives – Places where you can have the most amount of fun diving

It's no secret that the Maldives has the best diving sites in southeast Asia. The sites are scattered all over the 26 atolls and the best time to plan a diving trip is December through May.


Broken Rock, South Ari Atoll

A significant diving site in South Ari Atoll, the site bears its name due to the pinnacle that's split in two. The canyon is 165-foot long, if you are an experienced diver, this is not a hardship for you but a delightful experience coupled with sea fans and corals. The currents can be pretty unpredictable, so excellent buoyancy is recommended!


Maaya Thila, South Ari Atoll

If you ask any diver who's been to the Maldives, they would tell you that Maaya Thila is the best diving site in the Maldives and that's quite accurate. The pinnacle goes down about 100 feet underwater which is the habitat for various forms of marine life. The best time to go for diving would be the night-time as that's when you'll have an encounter with hundreds of fish in search of a good feed. This diving site is recommended for intermediate and advanced divers – but if you are a newbie, you can opt for one of the best Maldives resorts that are kin to Adaaran Select Meedhupparu for a beginner's guide.


Five Rocks, South Ari Atoll

Just like the Broken Rock Story, the pinnacle of Five Rocks has been split into five – hence the name Five Rocks. The rocks reach down into the bottom about 40 feet. As you dive down, you will be surrounded by numerous reef sharks, reef fish and multiply hued corals. The site is loved by nature photographers who aim to catch a glimpse of the perfect underwater world.


Banana Reef

This site is what brought the Maldives to fame as a water sports destination. Due to its importance and significance as a diving site, the reef is protected by the Maldives government. You could see everything there from overhangs to corals to caves which are pretty amazing. The water is crystal clear, and you will be met with myriads of colourful fish foaming groups among the beautiful corals. The site is most suitable for beginners, and even snorkelers as the currents are pretty steady.


Kuredu Express, Lhaviyani Atoll

Kuredu Express is named so as there are heavy currents passing along a sandy channel. There are platforms formed by the perpendicular reef and the channel that allow you to just hang out with your friends and watch what's happening underwater. The experience is made mesmerising by the beautiful creatures that live underwater – namely tuna, eagle rays, stingrays and barracuda.


Alimatha Jetty, Vaavu Atoll

Looking for a night dive? Well, you've got it! Alimatha Jetty in Vaavu Atoll is the perfect spot for you to dive among the beautiful fish underwater. For a long time, Alimatha resort kitchen had been cleaning fish and throwing what's left into the water. As a result, marine creatures like nurse sharks and various other forms of fish used to congregate there for a good feed which has made them acclimated to the area. At night you can see groups of fish diving the currents on a feeding frenzy.