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SERVOCARE by Servomax Limited the Ultimate Power Suppliers for end use of Servo stabilizers & Distribution Transformers in Hyderabad and across India.

Power Conditioning & Power Saving equipments Manufacturer - SERVOMAX LIMITED

SERVOMAX LIMITED Find a wide range of Power Conditioning, Power Saving equipments such as Transformers, Servo Voltage Stabilizers, Control Panels, Online UPS Manufacturers in India.

SERVOCARE by Servomax Limited – A Perfect Establishment for Air, Water, and Power Solutions

#SERVOCARE by #Servomax_Limited is a premier organization in air, water, and power-based sectors. Encompassing the safety, Eco-friendly, and cleaner strategi...


SERVOCARE – Air, Water, and Power Solutions by Servomax Limited

SERVOCARE – Air, Water, and Power Solutions by Servomax Limited

SERVOCARE by Servomax Limited is the admired brand of air, water, and power solutions. It stands as a remarkable icon for standard, efficient, and safer service of various products. The company has an excellent resourceful manufacturing unit, professional expertise, and service division to escalate the outlook of Servocare among the diversified customers.

 The Excellent Solutions of SERVOCARE

Servomax Limited, through its brand of SERVOCARE, is a significant provider of substantial quality resources of the Earth. Its magnificent solutions cover different segments like –

• Air
• Water
• Power

  1. Air Solutions

SERVOCARE solutions provide better quality air spaces. It offers good solutions for indoor and outdoor locations. It serves offices, residences, hotels, gardens, hospitals, and other units with safe and pure air solutions. We aim to assure pollution-free and dust-free air to avoid different kinds of air-related allergies and diseases. Thereby, SERVOCARE gives the perfect care for varied groups of people like patients, children, elderly, and many others.

SERVOCARE by Servomax Limited offers different air-based products and services. They include –

• Air Purifiers
• Air Sterilizers
• Air Humidifiers

  1. Water Solutions

Servomax Limited has a broader perspective to provide pure water spaces. 100% pure and quality water is very much important today for varied purposes. SERVOCARE allows use and maintenance of the latest technologies of filtration and purification. With its standard measures, it offers different kinds of water solutions like –

• Water Purifiers
• Water Filters
• Electric Rechargeable Water Dispensers

Our reliable water services are useful for home needs, industries, healthcare institutions, etc.

  1. Power Solutions

SERVOCARE by Servomax Limited also offers outstanding power-conditioning and power-saving products and solutions.

Sometimes, power disruptions like voltage alterations, electric shocks, and changes in harmonics may occur. In order to protect different kinds of electric and electronic appliances and machinery, Servomax Limited provides different kinds of power-based equipment. Our famous brand, Servocare, maintains such 20+ product models. We are engaged in the manufacture and service of –

• Transformers
• Stabilizers
• Control Panels

 Who needs Servocare?

SERVOCARE is well known for its excellent services across residential, industrial, government, educational, and commercial sectors.

It assures the improved quality of air, water, and power spaces. It enables easier and simpler residential applications like water and air purification. Through its excellent power solutions, it is also engaged in providing safety and security to residential power appliances.

Our branded air, water, and power-based products and services are also useful for diversified industries. We have a spectacular view. SERVOCARE strives to fulfill the successful desired air, water, and power demands as per the customers’ specifications and needs. We are gratified to our customers across Pan India and overseas.

Servomax Limited has a great clientele including textile, machinery, manufacturing, dairy, healthcare, power stations, pharmaceutical, mining, and other small-scale and large-scale industries.

 Why is SERVOCARE the Best Preferable Choice?

SERVOCARE does not compromise on the quality of its deliveries. We are restricted to follow only standard measures. So, our unique brand gives 100% safe, pure, and stronger solutions for one and all.

We strive to serve with varied products and solutions in affordable ranges. Therefore, SERVOCARE is the ultimate economical choice for many diversified customers.

What else do customers need other than the best quality reasonable solutions?

So, anyone can reach us to derive the customized products and services as per the corresponding demands and applications.

 SERVOCARE Specialty

SERVOCARE is always special in its efficient services. It works with a marvelous motto to safely provide and save quality air, water, and power solutions. We suppose to care for the health and security of varied spaces and arenas.

Servomax Limited follows many environmental safety measures and strategies. It focuses on eco-friendly products and services. Some of its greener solutions include – solar and wind power transformers, dry-type transformers, static voltage stabilizers, and servo air-cooled stabilizers.
Hope you had a clear scope of SERVOCARE by Servomax Limited. Get ready to reach us for achieving the desired air, water, and power solutions.


Distribution Transformers Manufacturer in Hyderabad

Distribution Transformers Manufacturer in Hyderabad

Distribution Transformers Manufacturer in Hyderabad

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SERVOMAX LIMITED is an Organization engaged in the power and allied industry. We are one among the largest corporation engaged in the Manufacturing of Power-Conditioning and Power-Saving equipment....

SERVOCARE by Servomax Limited - Hyderabad, India

Welcome to #SERVOCARE by #SERVOMAX_LIMITED, Leading Manufacturers & Suppliers of #Servo_Stabilizers, #Transformers & #Isolation_Transformers and #Control_Pan...

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  1. CAPACITY : 10KVA SERVO STABILIZERSystem Construction: As per IS:9815; Type of cooling:
  2. Natural Air-cooled; Response Time: 10 milli sec.
  3. Operating Frequency: 47 to 53 Hz; Efficiency: 98.5%; Correction Speed: 35V/sec
  4. Input Voltage Range: 170-270V AC, 50 Hz; Output Voltage: 230V AC 50 Hz 1Phase
  5. With Relay / Contactor: High voltage protection; Low voltage protection
  6. With MCB: Overload protection; Short circuit protection.
SERVOMAX LIMITED(SERVOCARE)'s answer to Difference between Servo Voltage Stabilizer and UPS? - Quora

The electrical power supply is mainly important to carry on various industrial, residential, and other significant power-based applications. As you know, a substantial voltage level of the power supply is essential to run different types of equipment. But, sometimes, there will be changes in the power voltage, harmonics, etc. Also, there will be a power-cut. Then it is impossible to carry out such important activities. Servo voltage stabilizers and UPS are the best solutions for people to encounter these problems.