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The best part about ItsHot is that ItsHot reviews each completed piece before handing it over to customers. This strict quality control is possible because ItsHot manufacturers most of its products in house. The pieces that are not manufactured in-house are offerings of trusted brands such as Luxurman. Customers who have second thoughts about their purchase have a thirty day window period to return the product and get a full refund of the price paid- and there are no hidden restocking fees. Each product comes with a 1 year warranty and ItsHot honors this warranty in case of design or manufacturing defects.


Top Reasons to Consider a Diamond G-Shock Watch For Your Accessories Collection

Real diamond G-Shock watches are one of the hottest accessories for men. A number of factors such as ruggedness, style, and performance combine to make them an unbeatable choice. ItsHot offers an impressive collection of genuine diamond G-Shock watches at affordable prices. Here are some reasons why you should buy an iconic diamond G-Shock watch for yourself or for gifting purposes.

Itshot Reviews - Wear Hip-hop Culture Love on Your Wrist with A Diamond Drenched Hip-hop Watch

Nothing screams hip-hop culture quite like a diamond-dripping designer watch. If you want to show you have well and truly made it in life while embracing hip-hop heritage, do it with a dazzling hip-hop watch from ItsHot.

Online Shopping- To Do or Not To

It is no secret that online shopping has revolutionized the experience of shopping, for good. The global market has embraced online shopping or e-commerce to be more specific with open arms. However, there still exists a shroud of doubt in the customer’s minds, especially considering the uncertainty that is involved in online shopping.

Make a Woman Feel Special with a Thoughtful Purchase of Diamond Earrings

A pair of diamond earrings is every woman’s dream gift. With ItsHot offering an extensive selection of diamond earrings to choose from, it can be quite difficult to choose a style that compliments her perfectly. Here are some things you should know about different popular styles of diamond earrings.

Looking for A Thoughtful, On-Trend Gift for a Man? Consider Diamond Dog Tag Pendants!

Along with accessories such as camouflage jackets and berets, dog tag pendants have successfully made the transition from military to fashion. If you’re looking for a special occasion gift or you want to buy an interesting piece of jewelry for yourself, here’s why you should consider dog tag pendants from the ItsHot jewelry collection.

Invest In a Magnificent Eternity Ring to Celebrate and Commemorate a Special Occasion

ItsHot reviews all the latest trends and offers jewelry that appeals to all budgets and requirements. This applies to diamond eternity bands as well. From pieces that cost less than five hundred dollars to eternity rings that cost over eighteen thousand dollars, the store has something for all budgets and preferences.

Itshot Reviews: Five Gifting Options for a Man Who Loves Hip Hop Jewelry

Finding the perfect piece of hip-hop diamond jewelry for a man is certainly challenging, especially when you consider the vast number of styles and designs that ItsHot offers. Here are some suggestions to inspire your search at the ItsHot store in New York and the website.

There are many colorful options including teeth Grillz featuring blue diamonds, Grillz featuring yellow diamonds and Grillz featuring sapphires. Teeth Grillz are custom-made and ItsHot reviews orders very carefully to ensure the Grillz are the perfect fit for the wearer. Although it may be a bit difficult to present teeth Grillz as a surprise gift, they are sure to impress the receiver.

Wear Your Personality on Your Littlest Finger with a Fantastic Diamond Pinky Finger Ring

ItsHot jewelry features many different types of ornaments including diamond pinky rings for men. What’s your opinion of pinky rings? Do you own one in your jewelry collection? Here are some solid reasons to consider diamond pinky rings for your next purchase and a sneak peek into what your favorite store for affordable diamond jewelry offers.

Shoppers interested in a completely original diamond pinky ring may opt for a custom solution. diamond pinky rings can be customized with an engraving or diamonds of various colors. The ultimate customization solution is when the customer provides design and additional details that ItsHot reviews.


If you’ve taken a look at the ItsHot Instagram account, you’re probably tempted to purchase a luxury diamond watch. However, lack of financial resources can be the biggest stumbling block in realizing your dream of owning high-end watch. Have you considered buying a pre-owned Rolex watch? Here are some solid reasons to consider pre-owned watches and pre-owned watches offered by ItsHot.

Itshot Reviews: Five Tips to Purchase a Dream Diamond Engagement Ring from ItsHot

Every marriage proposal is unique and requires careful thought, especially while selecting the engagement ring. ItsHot offers an extensive selection of sparkling diamond engagement rings for all tastes and budgets. Here is some useful information to guide you in diamond engagement ring selection.
Plan in Advance
It’s wise to start your research for a diamond engagement ring one to three months in advance. ItsHot does offer diamond jewelry that is ready to ship but if want customization, it could take longer for the engagement ring to be delivered.

Make a Bold, Masculine Style Statement with a Black Onyx and Diamond Ring

Black onyx is such a ravishing gemstone, especially when combined with diamonds, that ItsHot has a separate section of men’s black onyx rings featuring dozens of irresistible designs. If you don’t already own a black onyx diamond ring in your jewelry collection, now is the perfect time you did!

Add Sparkle to Your Earlobes with Trendy Sterling Silver Earrings

Do you have sterling silver diamond earrings in your jewelry collection? If not, you’re missing out on something exciting. Here are the many reasons to consider ItsHot sterling silver diamond earrings as your next purchase.

Sterling Silver is Not Pure Silver
​Pure silver jewelry gets tarnished if it’s left sitting without being used for too long. Sterling silver – which includes 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy does dull over time but you can find varnishes in ordinary craft stores or hardware stores that restore the shine and sparkle of sterling silver quickly and effectively. Sterling silver is hypoallergenic but you need to purchase sterling silver jewelry from a reputed jeweler such as ItsHot to ensure it’s of best quality and non-hypoallergenic.

Wear Hip-hop Culture Love on Your Wrist with A Diamond Drenched Hip-hop Watch

Nothing screams hip-hop culture quite like a diamond-dripping designer watch. If you want to show you have well and truly made it in life while embracing hip-hop heritage, do it with a dazzling hip-hop watch from ItsHot.

Indulge Your Inner Child with Cartoon and Character Pendants from ItsHot

We may be adults now, but there was a time when we were children who grew up watching cartoons for entertainment. Who is your favorite cartoon character? Mickey Mouse? Fred Flintstone? Homer Simpson? Well, you can now embrace your inner child with ItsHot jewelry.

Yes, the renowned store for affordable diamond jewelry offers an interesting selection of dazzling character pendants that you can explore from the comfort of your home or office.

Itshot Reviews: Give Your Wardrobe a Contemporary Edge with Rubber and Gold Bracelets

ItsHot offers men’s bracelets in a variety of styles, ranging from nugget-style bracelets and iced out bracelets to tennis bracelets and bangle style bracelets. While most customers look for bracelets featuring glittering diamonds, there are customers looking for something different, edgy and innovative. Rubber and gold bracelets are a great option if you are in search of men’s bracelets that combine design, technology, and contemporary style.

What Makes A Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring So Special?

Are you looking for a diamond engagement ring that’s as pure, eternal and rare as your love? Then, platinum is your metal. Platinum is an expensive and highly prized metal but ItsHot offers platinum diamond engagement rings at amazingly affordable prices. Read on to know what makes this metal so special and discover some irresistible offers along the way.

Choose ItsHot for A Breathtaking Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring

Having doubts about shopping for a platinum diamond engagement ring over the internet? Considering the fact that an engagement ring is a significant and emotional purchase, that’s understandable. You don’t have to worry about purchasing expensive diamond jewelry online when you shop from ItsHot. Whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding ring or a non-bridal ring – here’s why thousands of customers from around the world choose ItsHot jewelry.

Itshot Reviews: Be Penny-Wise As You Shop!

Doesn’t the word ‘discount’ sound lucrative at the very mention of it? Who wants to shell out excess money when you get attractive discounts? Well then, look no further because ItsHot stores offer the best discounts available! With discount codes and rewards points, ItsHot allows its customers to have the very best jewelry in the market at affordable rates.

All one has to do is to create an account and register the same at the ItsHot website, and voila, earn as you spend. The reward points can be clubbed with discount codes so as to save money and purchase more with lesser money.

Itshot Reviews

Itshot Reviews is a Custom Jeweller on Bark, serving New York City and surrounding areas. Check our their Bark profile and leave a review now. Reviews – Medium Reviews: We are a premier NYC jewelry company with an established storefront located in the heart of New York city’s Diamond Jewelry District. Itshot Reviews is a Custom Jeweller on Bark, serving New York City and surrounding areas. Check our their Bark profile and leave a review now.

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A diamond pendant is a jewelry piece that takes a woman to her happy place – it's something that's affordable yet eternally fashionable. Reviews: We are a premier NYC jewelry company with an established storefront located in the heart of New York city's Diamond Jewelry District.

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Itshot jewelry comes with free shipping inside Continental USA. It also features worldwide shipping with the assistance of the courier company FedEx. The products come with 30 days return policy. Hence, you can return the product within 30 days from the date of purchasing. For more information regarding this, one can read the policies on the website or even ask 24/7 customer service through chat and toll-free phone number. Diamond Jewelry & Watches Reviews

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Itshot is one such popular online store where men, as well as women, spend hours while eyeballing latest jewelry and accessories. If you still have not browsed out this online shop, then checking out itshot reviews will be a great help. #1 for Diamond Watches & Jewelry

Based in New York City's Diamond District, sell top-quality jewelry for wholesale prices. Itshot reviews Diamond jewelry is the most prized possession, especially for women, as they would never miss any opportunity to shop it.