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Clone App Development

We curate the scripts and apps from a list of screened vendors so that you can buy at peace and launch any product/service knowing that constant support and customization is there for you.

Online sports betting: AppDupe adds another feather to its cap

Create your advanced Sports Betting App with AppDupe. We are the leading Sports Betting Software Development company in the market.

Get your hands on the best Urbanclap clone app in the market

A one-stop solution for all the services required by the user. Tap into the on-demand market with the best Urbanclap clone app developed by AppDupe. With a plethora of services and features, you can take your venture to the next level without any hassles.


The best sports betting software is a click away!

The best sports betting software is a click away!

A perfect, secure and fun app for your customers to bet on online games. What are the features AppDupe offers for sports betting app?

  • Registration
  • Home screen
  • Sports news
  • Sports betting selection
  • One touch betting
  • In-app ads
  • In-app purchase
  • Virtual/real currency betting
  • Social sharing
  • Betting manager
  • Schedule
  • security/anti-fraud system
  • Leaderboard and more

Sports betting industry has always been rocking. You can make lump sum revenue with an attractive and secure app that has an engaging dashboard to overview the business. AppDupe is the best company for sports betting software, and they are popular for the reliable services they offer to their clients. Their team of adept developers will help you launch a perfect app relevant to your target audience. Having hands-on experience, they provide cutting-edge features for your app. Get in touch with them for a cost-effective solution.

Globalize your business with AppDupe’s Groupon clone

AppDupe’s Groupon clone app is an amazing choice because of the benefits they offer. Get a customized app that user-friendly and visually appealing and the latest features. Launch an app on iOS, Android and the web with the cost-effective solution they offer. Connect now!


UrbanClap clone app for easy booking of on-demand services

UrbanClap clone app for easy booking of on-demand services

To provide verified and numerous services with one sophisticated app to your customers, all you need is** UrbanClap like app**. The app must enable secure payments and log in along with an easy and smooth workflow. And AppDupe is your solution provider to develop an app that is tailor-made to your business needs. With a range of features including, geo-tracking, schedule booking, extensive search button and more, users can easily navigate in the app.

What AppDupe offers is so much better in terms of quality and services. At an economical price, you get
• Engaging admin dashboard
• A white-labelled solution
• Admin panel
• Native iOS and Android solution
• Web app
• A turnkey solution
• Multiple languages
• In-app wallet and a lot more!

They offer a fully customizable script that could be personalized to your demands and requirements.

Get in touch for more details!


AppDupe’s Groupon clone app is your best bet

AppDupe’s Groupon clone app is your best bet

We all love deals and discounts, don’t we? And that’s why you should launch a business in this field, and a Groupon clone app is everything that you would need. With an app like Groupon that has features like

  • Social media login
  • Advanced search and filters
  • Wishlist
  • New arrivals
  • Multiple payments
  • Multiple languages
  • Add to cart
  • Check status
  • Search by location
  • Comparison of deals and much more you can launch your own white-labeled app in just three days.

With multiple payment methods and seamless workflow, you can get a loyal customer base quickly. Connect subscribers with local and global merchants with a robust platform and administer your business with an engaging admin panel and dashboard.

AppDupe is a renowned and only mobile app development company to offer a cost-effective and turnkey solution. Check out the free demo they provide on the website.


AppDupe’s Kickstarter clone for a profitable business

AppDupe’s Kickstarter clone for a profitable business

Support all the potential startups by providing a secure platform to raise funds. It is a real struggle all startups go through that we all know - Fundraising. But with an app like Kickstarter, companies can attract investors easily. And you as an owner of the app can make good revenue with the commission, membership fee, listing fee, etc.

AppDupe, a pioneer in clone app development services offers the best and highly customizable Kickstarter clone to launch your business on iOS and Android in just three days. You can gain a competitive edge with the cutting-edge features they offer.

What AppDupe offers?
• Website installation
• User app for Android /iOS
• iOS/Android ad campaign for the app owner
• Admin panel
• White-labeling
• Privacy
• Turnkey solution

They understand that you will have ideas for your business. With 100% customizable Kickstarter clone script you can get a bespoke app for your business. Get in touch!

Enter into the world of online marketplace with an eBay clone script

As a budding entrepreneur, it is easier to create an eBay clone script with the best of features and customization to choose from. AppDupe can help you in developing the cutting-edge clone app.

A Kickstarter clone app to kick-start a successful business!

New ideas, new business, more funds. Develop a platform for secure fundraising Kickstarter clone app from AppDupe. With a seamless revenue model and a hassle-free workflow, you can rake in money and gain a solid and loyal customer base. Know more!


A Zillow clone for all kinds of real-estate needs!

A Zillow clone for all kinds of real-estate needs!

People have a lot of factors and metrics in mind that has to be considered when it comes to real-estate. This makes finding a suitable one a complicated process. But with an app, everything is made easy. With the filters option, customers can choose what they want, and they don’t. And only the relevant properties are listed which makes the entire process quick and easy.

By providing an app for all kinds of real estate based services, you can make enormous revenue. Develop a sophisticated app with the latest features including extensive search engine, filter, multiple payments and more. With a Zillow clone app, you can launch a white-labeled app on all digital platform at a cost-efficient price.

AppDupe offers a highly customizable Zillow script that will enable you to launch your business. With smooth workflow, numerous features and secure payment integration, have a competitive edge in the market.


AppDupe’s UrbanClap clone script for a problem-free app

AppDupe’s UrbanClap clone script for a problem-free app

UrbanClap is one of the very popular apps for on-demand services. People can quickly book a service by just entering the location and specifying the services. You can create a global customer base by using UrbanClap clone app for many services including, home services, maintenance, salon, etc.

Working of an UrbanClap like app

• User downloads the app and logs in
• Selects the service or type of service
• Specifies the service
• Choose from the available service providers
• The service provider offers the service
• Payment
• Ratings and reviews

With such a simple workflow your customers will find no glitch in using your app for any on-demand service. AppDupe offers a customizable UrbanClap clone script that is completely white-labeled. According to your choice of services and features, the app will be built by skilled developers.

Get in touch for full-fledged services.


Customized Kickstarter clone script to launch an online fundraising platform

Customized Kickstarter clone script to launch an online fundraising platform

Everything set for the business except funding. Because it is really hard for entrepreneurs to find investors. But today, we have digital platforms that are making funding a bit easier.

Numerous budding entrepreneurs are looking for platforms where they can raise funds for their projects. Provide a secure application for the same with amazing and latest features including,

• Email notifications
• Payment gateway
• Social media integration
• Invite friends
• Multiple currencies and more

For a fund-raising app, the payment option is of monumental importance. There has to be a variety of payment methods integrated so that investors would not find it difficult to make transactions. This will enable catering to a broader audience. AppDupe and its team of adept developers will help you in integrating any number of payment gateways according to your needs and the target region.

Get in touch with them for a detailed quotation. You can also check the free demo they offer.


Gojek clone script - Custom-made Script for Your Business

Gojek clone script - Custom-made Script for Your Business

People love to use on-demand business models and the market is thriving. 22.4 million consumers are using on-demand services and over $57.6 billion is spent annually in it. Super apps like We Chat and Gojek are now earning lucrative revenue from the platform.

The primary reason behind the success of Gojek is its unique business idea of catering to multiple services with a single app. The all-in-one app offers services under three categories,

  • Ride
  • Delivery
  • Service Provider

How about starting an on-demand venture with an app like Gojek? Many entrepreneurs are interested in beginning a multiservice business after the success of Gojek. The primary step in starting a business is to get an app.

AppDupe, a leading company in app development offers an easily customizable Gojek clone script with a variety of advanced features such as,

  • Multiple payment methods
  • Rate card
  • Pooling
  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Trip rate estimator
  • Estimated time arrival

You can visit their official website for more information. Get in touch with their experts to know more about the advanced features.

Beautify Your Business with an Awesome Beauty Service App

Chat with AppDupe and get the best on demand beauty service app. Change the way you provide beauty solutions with this app. Get in touch with AppDupe and change the way you offer beauty solutions to your customers.

One App For All Your Needs: Gojek Clone App

Gojek pioneered the concept of super applications and has set a trend that is being embraced by entrepreneurs all over the world. A lot of companies are choosing to buy white label Gojek app clones available in the market. This does not only make business sense but also saves a lot of time. It might not be long before what Gojek proved in southeast Asia is replicated all across the globe. Gojek clone app is probably the best solution for people with business interest to capitalize and replicate the success that gave rise to Indonesia's first Unicorn.

Build Your Gojek Clone with Us!

If you’re an entrepreneur, wishes to enter the on-demand market with an advanced app, this is the right time to get your app. AppDupe, one of the pioneers in app development offers Gojek clone with top-notch features and high-end technology.

Challenges in Developing a Multiservice App like Gojek

After the success of Gojek, there is increased popularity for on-demand multi-service applications. Every entrepreneur is now interested in creating an application similar to Gojek. But it isn’t an easy task to create an app like Gojek. You have to spend time and money in the process of developing an application from scratch. You can get customizable clone applications.

Why are Reasons to Start a Business Like Gojek?

This gives a good chance for entrepreneurs, to begin with, on-demand business and provide quality services to people all over the world. Commencing a business like GoJek would require a business app like GoJek. Contacting an app development company and creating an app with Gojek clone script now would be the right time to start the on-demand services.

Fuel Your Revenue by Providing On-demand services via Gojek Clone

As you can provide services right from taxi application to commercial needs to your customers at the demanded time, there are high chances of creating revenues in a short period. If you are still wondering where to get a clone app at a low price, reach AppDupe immediately.

Ultimate Guide in Developing a Multiservice App like Gojek

Gojek’s success inspired many entrepreneurs to create an application similar to it. Get in touch with AppDupe to develop Gojek clone with your business specifications.


Get the Best Gojek Clone App

Get the Best Gojek Clone App

Bestow all on-demand services right from taxi services to plumbing with a single solution now. AppDupe now offers the GoJek clone at a reasonable price with fully customization options. Approach the developers and launch your business in just two days.