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3D Medical Animation,Medical/Scientific Writing

ADI-intellect has a versatile team honed with latest technology that makes medical communication accessible & affordable for healthcare industry

How Virtual Reality is enhancing the Health Care Industry - Medical Animation & Medical Communication Company | ADI-I...

Virtual reality has a profusion of techniques, especially for the healthcare sector, from new life-saving strategies, to train the new doctors of the future

Most Common Skin Diseases and Their Diagnosis

Skin is an essential part of the human body. Skin diseases are common being the largest among the integumentary system’s organs

Best Research Paper Writers - Medical Animation & Medical Communication Company | ADI-Intellect

Research Paper Writers at ADI Intellect are trained extensively with good experience assuring timely delivery of well-written research article presenting your findings in the highest standard achievable.

Innovative Solutions to Challenges in Clinical Trials Enrollment and Retention| ADI Intellect

With the increase in the market size of the clinical trials, the challenges have also increased so far. These include clinical trials’ high cost, delay in patient recruitment, problems faced for patient retention, all of which leads to missing outcomes.

Informal Communications with Regulatory Agencies | ADI Intellect

There is a provision for informal communications such as INTERACT meeting with CBER. In the INTERACT meeting, the applicant can consult informally with agency at early stage of drug development before the pre-IND meeting.

Outsourcing in Clinical Operations

In clinical operations, the Sponsor may require outsourcing services for different purposes such as to reduce waste, cut the cost, and reduce timelines.

Hemophilia: Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis | ADI Intellect

People who suffer from hemophilia lacks a critical protein called clotting factor, which works in combination with platelets, to stop bleeding.

Rare Diseases and Challenges in Conducting Clinical Trials

Well-planned clinical trials and awareness of government-initiated programmes can release the burden of patients suffering from rare diseases.

Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Pharmaceuticals

Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) provide innovative transformational force to every industry. Similar potential of AI and ML has been used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ocular Disease and Drug Development | ADI Intellect

Ocular disease is a global health concern that has a negative impact on physical and mental health. cof new drug development process for rare ocular diseases.

Interactive Digital Graphic Tool for Drug-induced Hepatotoxicity

Hepatotoxicity is the drug-induced destruction of the liver cells leading to a liver injury. Detection of drug-induced hepatotoxicity is done based on Hy’s law.

Surrogate Endpoints for the accelerated approval and Statistical Considerations | ADI Intellect

Hepatotoxicity is the drug-induced destruction of the liver cells leading to a liver injury. Detection of drug-induced hepatotoxicity is done based on Hy’s law.

Virtual Clinical Studies

Virtual clinical studies represent a new approach to solve this problem by providing relatively more comfort to participants than the traditional studies.

Early-Stage Challenges in Neurodegenerative Diseases and Optimal Drug Development Strategies

The article tells about the importance of in vivo models and lessons learned from the drug development process to prevent neurodegenerative diseases.

Advantages and Challenges with Multiple Expansion Cohort Design in Oncology Studies

FDA has provided a new type of study design, a multiple expansion cohort (MEC) design, for conducting Phase I first-in-human oncology studies.

An Update on Regulatory Electronic Submission | ADI Intellect

Electronic submission in compliance with FDA guidelines decreases review time and improves the chances of approval.

Interpretation of Pharmacovigilance Regulations | ADI Intellect

The pharmacovigilance (PV) regulations are essential for the newly marketed drug because drugs may have an unknown safety issue or unclear safety risk in the real world.

3D Medical Animation Services

If you are looking for 3D medical animation studio then Adi intellect is the best company to provide 3d medical animation services at affordable price.

Innovation in Pharmacovigilance: Use of Machine Learning | ADI Intellect

The pharmacovigilance (PV) regulations are essential for the newly marketed drug because drugs may have an unknown safety issue or unclear safety risk in the real world.

The Benefit of 3D Medical Animation for Medical Device Start-Ups

The use of 3D medical animations by pharmaceutical and medical organizations gives faster and an excellent understanding of the device.


Difficulties faced by the modern Healthcare and Medical industry

Difficulties faced by the modern Healthcare and Medical industry

One of the common difficulties faced by the modern healthcare and medical industry is finding a simple method to convey fundamental data. With the introduction of 3D animation, the healthcare industry has seen a vast improvement and development in communicating comprehensive scientific information with clarity. Many medical device companies are using 3D animations with high-quality presentations to promote their products and making selling more accessible than ever. The graphics used in the 3D animation are so engaging that they make a clear image on the clients’ mind resulting in the presentation of competent information and ultimately increase in sales. By energizing their product introductions with the help of 3D animations, the companies develop quickly as compared with their competitors. Including the 3D videos into different digital sales enable the sales of a company to ascend over opposition companies. For marketing of their products, various organizations are using digital promotion strategies, mainly social media through Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. In such a scenario, companies strategically leverage the benefits of 3D medical animation by incorporating videos to reach their target audience. The animated videos disclose the functionality, safety and usefulness of a medical device with its benefits to the medical community and society. A 3D animation also helps medical device companies in the acceptance of products from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A professionally developed 3D animation video plays a significant role to gain immediate acceptance and appreciation from various clients of a medical device company.

Challenges and Emerging Opportunities in Cancer

Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in the world; about 1 out of 6 deaths is due to cancer. It is a condition in which the abnormal cells start to grow uncontrollably and destroy healthy tissues.

Innovative and Adaptive Designs in Clinical Studies

Different innovative and adaptive designs in Clinical studies have been proposed and implemented which provide flexibility by allowing adaption in a trial as per the accumulated results.

Obstacles and Opportunities in Alzheimer's Disease

The biggest opportunity for pharmaceutical and research industries is to develop measures to detect the early stage of Alzheimer's Disease.

Role of Statistics in Improving Data Quality: ICH E6 R2

Centralized Statistical Monitoring helps to remove discrepancies in data and increases the overall data quality and can make management better.