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Headline for 7 things to do in Queensway Singapore – exploring one of Singapore's oldest neighbourhoods'
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7 things to do in Queensway Singapore – exploring one of Singapore's oldest neighbourhoods'

Queensway is one of Singapore's oldest neighbourhoods with buildings dating back decades. There are loads to do here from shopping and island hopping to sampling local street food, but here are the top 7.


Queensway Shopping Centre

When it comes to grabbing bargain deals, the Queensway shopping centre is the place to go. It has over 150 stores that sell mostly clothes and homeware. The shopping centre is famous among locals for its selection of discounted sportswear. You can find everything from sneakers to gym wear and other sporting apparel at rock-bottom prices here.


Tiong Ghee Temple

This historic temple can trace its beginnings back to the early 1930s when a shrine was placed in a hut Boh Beh Kang village. After some time, a house was converted into what would become the village Temple, a Taoist temple where villagers could consult mediums and seek spiritual relief. After WWII, the villagers banded together to build a larger temple which is what visitors can see today. The temple still remains an important focal point for former Boh Beh Kang villagers who gather here to recollect times gone by.


Alexandra Hospital

Alexandra Hospital is a beautiful building with colonial architecture and lush landscaped gardens, however, the hospital was once the scene of the largest massacre of British soldiers during WWII. On the 15 of February 1942, a day before the country was to surrender, Japanese troops stormed the hospital and opened fire on over 200 hospital staff and patients. No one was spared from the merciless killings. Anyone interested in learning more about the tragedy that took place that day can take a tour of the grounds. The hospital grounds are also a beautiful place to just go for a relaxed walk in the evening.


Wessex Estate

Formerly the residents of British officers during WWII, the enclave of colonial houses, nestled amid thick tropical greenery is now a community where local artists live and create. You can take a tour of the art studios or, make an appointment with individual artists to see their work privately.


Alexandra Village Food Centre

Alexandra Village Food Centre is one of the best food centres in the country and contains a treasure of hawker culinary delights that can rival any high-end restaurant. You can try local favourites like claypot laksa, Hainanese chicken rice and wonton noodles here. If you are not sure which stall to check out first, just see where the locals are queuing up. Even though it is located quite far from the MRT, the fact that it still draws huge crowds of hungry locals' means it's worth a visit. If you are staying at a hotel near harbourfront Singapore, like the business-oriented Park Hotel Alexandra for example, then you can easily walk to the food centre in a matter of minutes.


The Roof Garden at Skyville @ Dawson

One of the best views of the city, and it's absolutely free! Located on the 41st floor of a residential estate, the rooftop garden is open to the public and offers panoramic views of the city. Unlike most commercial properties that are generally packed with tourists, the gardens are not crowded and there's plenty of seating, so you can sit back and enjoy the view for as long as you want.



Although fairly old, this shopping mall is still favoured by locals due to its affordable prices. Anchorpoint contains several outlet stores of some of the biggest international brands so expect to walk away with more than a few shopping bags when you leave.

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