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8 must-try dishes in Singapore – as succulent as it gets

Traversing through the streets of Singapore will give you a wonderful chance to try out some of the region's diverse cuisine which is found within lavish restaurants and also along the streets.


Char Kway Teow

A description of a dish which includes sprinklings of green vegetables, a dash of soy sauce, some eggs, fishcakes, Chinese sausages and a tinge of sweetness to taste will more or less point you in the direction of the famed Char Kway Teow. Though the origin of the dish leaves plenty to debate on, those visiting Singapore will readily agree that sampling this offering will be quite delighting indeed.


Chilli Crab

If anyone yearns for thick texture which is complemented by a wide array of local spices and herbs, then look to what is arguably the national dish in Singapore; the Chilli Crab. Though Singaporeans have brought in their own spins on this dish, if one was to experience the very best of it then perhaps dining at Mattar Road Seafood BBQ will leave you in good spirits.


Fish Head Curry

For flavoursome culinary spectacles whilst in the Lion City, do take note of those specialties that would warrant more than a second helping. Amongst such offerings is the spicy Fish Head Curry creation. The dish takes the form with the head of the red snapper fish which is stewed in a rich curry that originated in Kerala, India mixed with okra, brinjal, and long beans.


Stuffed You Tiao

Fancy a mix of sweet, spicy and savoury? Then you must let your taste buds loose at either Melben Seafood or Two Chefs Eating Place for a dose of Stuffed You Tiao. Translating to fried dough sticks, such delicacies are found to be crispy on the outside while the insides can consist of squid or fish paste topped up with creamy mayonnaise.


Steak Fried Rice

You may wonder as to what to expect when you are confronted with scenes of stir-fried rice and finely cut cubes of seared Ribeye steak? The result is a tasty treat known as Steak Fried Rice which will surely work up an appetite in no time. Commonly found on the menus of most of Singapore's restaurants, the dish is made complete with a rich, steak fat that acts as the final addition to what is truly a food connoisseur's dream come true.


Devil's Curry

Do not be put off by the title of the dish but opt to give it a go as you will not be disappointed. Generally made just after the conclusion of Christmas, the offering arrives in either chicken or oxtail. However, it is the ingredients and accompaniments that make it a 'must try.' On top of the spices that are added, one can set about tasting cocktail sausages, potatoes, cabbage and also bacon bones that are thrown into what is locally referred to as 'curry debal.' Also, similar dishes can be enjoyed if for example, one chooses some of the beach road restaurants Singapore has to offer such as those found at Destination Singapore Beach Road.


The Milo Dinosaur

Envisioned at keeping your sweet tooth content and happy, the Milo Dinosaur which is easily available at any coffee shop or street outlet can be enjoyed hot or cold. While ice cream and whipped cream can be included as add-ons, what makes this beverage tick is the Milo powder which is sweet and malty at the same time.


Pancakes with Gula Melaka

Imagine ending your day on a high! Imagine digging into the softest pancakes that are smeared in maple syrup and fresh whipped cream. For an adventure into Singapore's most loved desserts, head over to Food for Thought which serves up a host of flavours. Pick and choose from walnut & banana to chocolate & berries to go with your favourite pancakes while you enjoy Singapore's engaging surroundings.

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