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Top 5 things to do in a rainforest – How to have fun in the Jungle

Staying in a rainforest is one of the best ways to disconnect yourself from technology and the outside world and connect with nature. Listed are 5 things to do in a rainforest.



If you want to truly immerse yourself and explore the wide variety of plants, flora and fauna a rainforest has to offer, then travelling by foot is the best option. By hiking around rainforest you'll be able to watch the exotic animals that reside in the jungle in their natural habitat. Most rainforests have rules such as the distance from which you can observe animals and not making excessive noise to disturb or threaten them for the safety of both visitors and animals. If you're a regular hiker taking a midnight hike and witnessing the nocturnal life that the rainforest has to offer is one of the most exciting things you should try out.


Zip Lining

If you're an adrenaline junky and a nature lover, ziplining is one of the best ways to combine these passions. Travelling over lush green forests and getting an aerial view of the beautiful rainforests and the animals who reside in the treetops is an experience you'll cherish forever. The islands of St. Lucia, Trinidad, Jamaica in the West Indies, for example, lets you zip line over small islands, reefs and islets.


Aerial Tram

If you're travelling with your family or don't want to be suspended in mid-air while sightseeing the rainforest, an aerial tram is a safer option than you can choose. Visitors will be suspended over the forest in a tram that is normally supported by 2 cables to guarantee safety. It's also the ideal place to engage in photography or capture videos of the birds that nest at the top of trees and monkeys swinging from tree to tree. The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway in California of the USA that passes between mountains, animal parks and valleys is the largest of its kind and experience you should definitely try out.



Spending the night in a tent in the middle of the forest is the ideal thing to do if you're looking for an authentic rainforest experience. A sleeping bag, utensils need for eating and cooking, food supplies and mosquito repellent are some of the items that you should pack into a sturdy backpack as you venture out into the forest. As most rainforests are highly populated by animals make sure to do your research on whether you need special permission and what dangers to watch out for to ensure your safety.


Wildlife Parks and Reserves

This is the best way to experience the best of both worlds. You can enjoy a luxurious vacation at an eco-hotel Sri Lanka has to offer similar to Rainforest EcoLodge, for example, while also being close enough to experience the countries most popular rainforest; the Sinharaja rainforest. While visitors can travel through wildlife parks and reserves using their own transport hiring a local guide is highly recommended as they'll know what time to visit and where to go if you want to see specific species like leopards or the Rusty-Spotted Cat. These are also ideal places to visit if you're a bird lover as you can witness the birds that are indigenous to the forest from the comfort of your room.