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Headline for Why you should visit Kalutara in Sri Lanka? – Why Kalutara gives you what nowhere else in the world can!
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Why you should visit Kalutara in Sri Lanka? – Why Kalutara gives you what nowhere else in the world can!

The city of Kalutara, 40 km south of Colombo, known as Kalutota in the heyday, a coastal city of unparalleled scenery. Named after the river that flows through the city, the Kalu Ganga, (translating to Black River) this city was a strategic hub during the colonial era. Read on to know why you should visit here.


The Beaches!

Kalutara has several prominent beaches that one can visit, like its namesake, Kalutara Beach, named one of the best beaches in the world! With its long stretch of sandy beach and relaxed atmosphere, this is the best place for those of you planning to catch some colour on your skin! If not, you can always visit the Wadduwa beach, one of its most famous beaches. Featuring pristine blue seas and green palm trees, and all those clichéd things that you cannot do without at a beach, be sure to try the local palm toddy for an extra kick while you're there as well!


Maduganga River Safari

The Maduganga River Safari is for all of you wildlife enthusiasts and Nature lovers. This Safari offers you the chance to observe over 110 species of endemic and migrant birds, crocodiles and mangroves as you paddle down the Madu River. If you plan this just right you can even visit some of the surrounding islands which feature historic sites like the Koth Duwa.


The Mangosteens

Arguably what characterizes the Kalutara district in terms of produce is its Mangosteens. Sure, Kalutara has some amazing rubber and coconut estates, but the district is most famous for this juicy purple fruit with its soft white insides, first introduced to the island in the 19th Century from Malaysia. This is one culinary experience you should not miss in Kalutara!


The Fishing Culture

Being a coastal district, one of Kalutara's main work avenues is fishing. If you're a pescatarian, then you should definitely try the seafood available in the area! Accommodation is also quite easy in Kalutara if you're looking at Kalutara as your next destination, there are many Kalutara hotels you can pick from, like the Mermaid Hotel & Club.


The Religious Sites

Kalutara is also famous for historic Buddhist sites like the Kalutara Bodhiya which dates back to the 16th Century, to which pilgrims flock from all corners of the country. It is believed to be one of the saplings of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya in Anuradhapura, the tree grown from the original tree under which the Buddha achieved enlightenment. One can also visit the Kande Vihaaraya, which features the largest sitting Buddha statue, ranging up to 48 m in height. Founded in the year 1734, this temple also has many other historic religious sites and a museum that you can visit.


The Brief Garden

Developed across 5 acres of land that previously used to a Rubber plantation, the Brief Gardens is the work of Sri Lanka's legendary landscaper and horticulturalist Bevis Bawa. Situated on the Lunuganga estate, the landscape is divided into several sections where each section has a theme of its own. The borders of each section are marked by trees like bamboo usual for waterside growth. Even if it takes you a whole day to traverse it, this is a place worth visiting!


The Arts and Craft

The arts and craft of Kalutara are unique on the island because of the various influences it has had, both from its colonial heritage and its local culture. From places like the Basket Center which features products weaved from palm fronds to other things like Beeralu lace, a remnant of the Portuguese, the arts and crafts scene in Kalutara is steeped in culture!

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