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8 Top Dishes in Malaysia – an explosion of flavours!

If you are travelling in Malaysia, you really should enjoy the sensational tastes that the land offers! This article provides details about the 8 top dishes that you must try out when travelling here.



The satay in Malaysia is a definite must try! Meat lovers can't get enough of this exquisite delicacy that is packed with flavour. You simply get meat on a skewer, barbequed to perfection! Turmeric is lavishly used in the meat that is prepared as satay, and that gives it its characteristic shade of yellow.


Hokkien Mee

Fried Hokkien Mee which is a stir-fried Chinese style yellow noodles is an immensely popular dish in the country. Braised in dark soy sauce along with pork and thick yellow noodles, squid, cabbage as well as fish cake, this is one must-try dish in Malaysia! To add an extra crunch, the dish is accompanied by some crispy fried pork bits that are sprinkled on top.


Nasi Dadang

Nasi Dadang is an incredibly tasty dish in Malaysia that locals and tourists love. You should certainly treat yourself to this dish when travelling in the country. It combines the delectable tastes of rice, cooked to perfection in coconut milk. Nasi Dadang is generally served with fish curry, shaved coconut, Solok lada, hard boiled eggs as well as vegetable pickles.


Sang Har Noodles

Sang Har Noodles is flat noodles that the locals have an undying love for. In this dish, you will find fresh river prawns cooked in Cantonese style in a very thick broth mixed with eggs. To this broth, flat noodles are also added. You will be able to relish this exquisite dish to your heart's content at the many leading restaurants in the country. If you stay at centrally located hotels like Dorsett Grand Labuan, it will be easy for you to enjoy a sensational culinary spree in Labuan.



Bakuteh literally means 'meat bone tea' and that is exactly what you will be served when you order it! It consists of fatty pork ribs that are simmered in a broth of spices and herbs. These spices include cinnamon, garlic, fennel seeds, cloves and dong guai. The broth is left to ferment for as long as possible. Some even leave it for days before consuming it. A number of leading restaurants in Labuan offer bakuteh sio you will be able to indulge in this delicacy with ease during your tour in the country.


Nasi Kandar

Nasi Kandar is a popular dish that combines the delectable tastes of rice and a variety of curries and side dishes. Chicken, curried mutton, fish roe, beef, fried prawns and fried squids are generally served with Nasi Kandar. Vegetables are also served with Nasi Kandar. Okra and brinjal are the vegetables that you will commonly find in a Nasi Kandar dish.


Charsiew Rice

Charsiew which is BBQ pork is a dish that is packed with flavour. Succulent strips of pork which are seasoned with a mixture of honey, five spice powder, fermented tofu and dark soy sauce. The pork has a deliciously crispy and tangy crust which makes this dish truly quite irresistible.


Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is yet another popular rice dish in Malaysia. Nasi Lemak means 'rice in cream' and the name is given to the dish because of its elaborate cooking process. Regular white rice is soaked in coconut cream after which it is steamed. The aromatic rice is then served with the typical accompaniments of fish, meat and vegetables.

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