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6 of the Best Things to Do in Maldives – Captivating Island Adventures

The picturesque Maldives is regarded as ranking amongst the world's premier vacation destinations. Here you will also find plenty of appealing things to do that will strike your interest, including those described below.


Banana boating

You will find that banana boating offers a unique kind of thrill that will delight many visitors to the Maldives. Unlike some other water sports, banana boating does not require any tricky skills and can be enjoyed by almost everyone. Just put on your lifejacket, get on the banana boat, and hold on tight; the driver of the motorboat towing you will do the rest. As the boat driver takes a selection of turns and twists, you must do your best to hang on and avoid being thrown into the water.



If you are a surfing enthusiast you will be in your element in the Maldives as this island nation offers an excellent setting for this activity. If you are a skilled surfer you will find challenging and rewarding surf breaks that will put your abilities to the test. In fact, the Maldives is even a feature on the professional surfing circuit. On the other hand, if you are only a beginner, all is not lost as you will have the opportunity to avail yourself of expert instruction and gradually build up your surfing skills.



Since the Maldives consists of an archipelago of coral islets, it is not surprising that it offers outstanding opportunities for snorkelling. You are likely to discover that the reefs of the Maldives are so beautiful that snorkelers will find themselves in a magical underwater environment. As you might expect you will also have the chance to mingle with a host of exotic and appealing marine creatures while snorkelling in the Maldives. If you have the opportunity to view schools of colourful fish whilst snorkelling here it is sure to be a memory that you will always treasure.



In order to fully experience the undersea wonders of the Maldives, you will be able to go diving in the island waters. In fact, the Maldives has secured a reputation as one of the exceptional localities on the globe for scuba diving. You will find that the delightfully clear local waters provide excellent visibility, adding to the pleasure of the diving experience. As you dive in the Maldives you will have the opportunity to encounter interesting creatures of the deep like sea turtles, whale sharks and stingrays. When seeking the best hotels in Maldives, an accommodation choice to consider from where you will be able to go diving would be Adaaran Club Rannalhi.


Visit one of the local communities

You will find that the local people of the Maldives have a unique and interesting culture that will capture the imagination of the culture enthusiast. Visitors will find that many Maldivians live in a manner similar to the way their ancestors did, with a simple yet pleasant lifestyle. You will have the opportunity to observe the locals as they go about their lives, including tasks such as building boats and drying fish.


Take a ride on a dhoni

Taking a ride on a traditional dhoni vessel will be an interesting experience that you will be able to enjoy whilst in the Maldives. Now many of these vessels use diesel engines and are made from imported timber, whilst in the past they were made out of the wood of coconut trees and moved with the use of sails. These changes have made the dhonis faster and more stable. Visitors will also find that the rhythmic motion of the dhoni crafts is reflected in the traditional music of the Maldives.