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Updated by Appliance World Manchester on Apr 23, 2019
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The Top 5 Things To Consider When Choosing a Cooker!

A cooker is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. You’ll use it every day, but have you ever stopped your everyday routine to consider whether or not your cooker is the perfect one for you and your family? Take a look at our top 10 cooker tips or visit us today at


Fuel Types

The main decision for those in the market for a new oven is usually choosing which fuel type they want.

  • Gas

Efficient and will provide you with heat very quickly on the hob. It will also let you control the flame very precisely. Many chefs prefer a gas-powered hob for its speed and extra control over the cooking process.

  • Electric

Gives you more evenly distributed, consistent temperatures. Most will be fan or fan-assisted ovens, which will help to spread the heat more evenly around the oven cavity. Also, if your electric oven has a fan, it will cook food quicker.

You can get the best of both worlds if you purchase a dual fuel cooker. These will have electric ovens and gas hobs, letting you fry, grill, bake and roast your way to culinary perfection!


Integrated or Freestanding?

A separated integrated oven and hob combination can make your kitchen look stylish and modern although repairs and replacement can sometimes prove problematic, as it can involve dismantling your worktop.

Though, freestanding cookers, on the other hand, will be cheaper and easier to install, repair and replace as they can simply slot into any kitchen design.


Energy Efficient

When choosing a cooker, look out for its energy efficiency label. While a cooker with an energy rating of A or above can be a bit more expensive and seem daunting, the savings you’ll have on your monthly energy bills will be enormous, and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment. Here at Appliance world, all of our appliances are rated either A or B.

Energy efficiency labels will be easy to spot when you know what you’re looking for. The EU energy rating label will be stuck to the fridge in the showroom or will be featured in the appliance description. This will display an efficiency rating from A to G, with A being the most efficient. When you choose an A rated appliance, it will consume around half the amount of power of a G-rated model.



Oven capacity is measured in litres. The larger the capacity of your oven, the more cooking space you’ll have to work with. We recommend that large capacity ovens are ideal for large families, keen chefs and organised batch bakers. Though if you have a smaller home, it’s best to opt for a smaller capacity.


Special Features

Modern cookers will have a huge range of special features. You should decide on these features by thinking about which will benefit you when you are choosing your cooker. Some of the advanced features can include a thermostat and safety features.

One very popular special feature available on many modern ovens is auto-cleaning. Auto-cleaning will burn off all the grease and dried on food in your oven by heating the inside to over 500 degrees. This cycle will only take a couple of hours and all you have to do when it’s finished is wipe away the ash.

These ovens are very well insulated to withstand the high temperatures, which makes them more efficient than other models. Plus, you’ll never have to buy nasty oven cleaners again!


Choosing Your Cooker Manchester With Appliance World

Here at Appliance World, we have many years of experience in the electrical goods market. We offer only the highest quality service and our friendly team will be more than happy to provide you with their exceptional knowledge. We will always have the time to discuss your individual requirements and consider the best options for you. It is our number one aim to give our customers the best value for money and top-quality cookers in Manchester.

For more information on how to choose your perfect cooker in Manchester, please make sure to call us on 0161 794 3030 or visit us at