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High Quality Custom Clothing Labels

Eco-friendly merchandise labels help the environment. Our earth friendly labels consist of bamboo hangtag labels, bass wood labels and many more Eco-friendly labels.

Custom Printed Fabric Labels

Custom high definition labels bring originality to clothing. From tagless transfer clothing labels to damask air-jet woven labels and even satin needle loom labels, we do it all.

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Woven Damask Clothing Labels

Premier woven clothing labels is our specialty. We have the perfect clothing label for you if you are looking for a woven taffeta clothing label, woven grosgrain labels or damask woven clothing labels.

Eco Friendly Fashion Labels

Eco Friendly Fashion Labels Many apparel companies make organic products and make their contribution in saving earth. They will definitely like to make the overall product organic by having organic Eco friendly fashion labels for their product. Earth friendly labels will help in maintaining the status of your product and you can give a little…


Vintage Labels For Sale

Vintage Labels For Sale

*Vintage labels will make them feel nostalgic *

Labels are sometimes useful for details and sometimes for display of brand image. This brand image is feel that you paste on your products to connect with buyers. It is a kind of marketing that first reaches to your buyers when they are selecting the products in market and then, after buying the products. Label is an accessory that your apparels carry. While you can make it very useful for information providing, you can also use it to attract your buyers.

Apparel quality decides what buyers select but when there are many products almost similar to each other, a unique difference can make your product stand extraordinary in the line. Vintage labels can give you the same charm. BCI labels provide vintage labels for sale. There are many vintage label designs available with the manufacturer or you can get your customized design that suits best with your band. Vintage images are not only symbols, but they depict a story that connects people.

Many stories have some remarkable attention of people. Some may already be very popular in market and some may have lost their significance in market but still remains in the mind of people. Stories of old events that may have significant connection to your brand are good to use. Otherwise, you can use something different as vintage theme that you thing people will like. You can make your customized label if you are not interested in ready-made Vintage Labels For Sale available in the list.

Vintage labels are easy to manufacture in bulk quality. You can use woven clothing labels for displaying your vintage story. People like old stories that give a nostalgic feeling to them. Sportswear can have vintage themes that symbolize any past event related to sports. This becomes an asset for the buyer, and they feel excited about buying such type of clothes. It is very easy to produce such type of labels with woven labels and the cost of producing such labels is equal to other designs but these designs have a unique impact.

Woven Clothing Labels give it a good texture. Vintage labels do not require highly attentive colors. In fact, the vintage feel comes with faded shades. With woven labels, you can get any shade that suits your labels best. You can get a good background that does not look shiny and get the image woven on it with great impact. Being woven and not printed, the soft touch feels great. Hence, you can use it in high quality apparel as well. You may see such vintage labels on jackets and jeans as well. Labeling a vintage story gives buyer a feel of it hence, it is essential to decide what feeling you wish to give to your buyers. If you can decide, what your buyers will like or what stories can help them connect more with your product, you can make a good sale with help of label only. Vintage labels are very good and cheap way to connect with the buyers.

Woven Clothing Labels Wholesale

BCI label is a well-known name in labeling industry. They make labels for all types of apparel. From low cost to high cost apparels, everything requires a label. According to their cost, the quality of label also changes.

Eco Friendly Address Labels

Eco Friendly Address Labels are possible to make with metal. You can use slim aluminum pate to emboss your brand name and address and hand it on the apparel or fit it in any thick surface like the stripe of jeans.

Woven Name Labels For Clothing

Taffetta Up Ground Woven Label for clothing logo. Personalized clothing label with custom logo woven into the label material.

Woven Clothing Labels

Made in USA Printed Cotton End Fold Clothing Label - 500pcs.
Printed cotton clothing label Made in USA

Woven Labels For Clothing Made In USA

Woven Labels For Clothing are the best way to customize. Whatever you want on your labels, everything is possible on woven label. With machine weaving facility, you can get anything written on the label.

Printed Cotton Fabric Labels

Printed sticky back adhesive cotton label. Any size available, base color is natural cotton ivory.

Buy Printed Labels Online

Printing was perhaps the biggest boon to marketing industry. Majority of market plays in printing materials.

Woven Name Labels For Clothing Made In Usa

Woven damask clothing labels with peel/stick backing. Roll form. Suitable on lots of different substrates, adheres very well.

Eco Friendly Apparel Labels

BCI Label Corporation is a premier clothing label manufacturer that produces all types of woven and printed labels for the apparel industry. Woven damask clothing labels with peel/stick backing. Roll form. Suitable on lots of different substrates, adheres very well.

Woven Labels For Clothing

Printed Labels Online Are you planning to buy a woven label for clothing? Well, your decision is really appreciable. Woven label is one of the best labels available in the market that can increase your market value. However, before purchasing woven clothing labels you should consider certain factors. If you want to know about those…

Eco Friendly Custom Labels

Eco-friendly merchandise labels help the environment. Our earth friendly labels consist of bamboo hangtag labels, bass wood labels and many more eco-friendly labels.

Woven Clothing Labels Heat Transfer

With our in-house laser, we can etch a custom logo onto any number of materials: bamboo, suede, leather, metal, mother of pearl shell, and even bamboo.