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AquaCert - Employers Guide to Legionella Risk Assessment & Control

Employers Guide to Legionella Risk Assessment & Control. It is extremely important for them to have full knowledge and understanding of the serious health hazards posed by Legionellaand other harmful bacteria. Early detection of the presence of such serious hazards in building water supplies is vital to the wellbeing of everyone who inhabits, works at or spends time inside structures affected by dangerous bacteria.

AquaCert - HSE Release New Guidelines Regarding Legionella

The Legionella bacteria is responsible for a set of several different pneumonia-like lung diseases that are collectively known as legionellosis. The most serious type of disease is referred to as Legionaires‘ Disease but Pontiac Fever

AquaCert - Contaminated Water and Water Regulation in the UK and U.S.

Contaminated Drinking Water in the UK. As recently as November 29, 2012, Legionella, the bacteria known to cause Legionnaire’s disease, was discovered in the drinking water of an assisted living facility in Lincolnshire, UK.

London legionella outbreak potential

A recent Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report in England leaked information regarding a serious health concern to the people of London. As a result of mismanaged cooling towers and evaporative condensers that are located near English Olympic sites, and other highly visited public locations such as train stations and airports, London residents and visitors now may be at risk for being infected with the serious and sometimes fatal Legionnaire’s disease.

AquaCert - Hotel In Wrongful Death Lawsuit Over Legionnaires Disease

Hotels, a home away from home for business people and vacationers, with over 4 million hotels in the world, over a million people coming and going from them every day, who would think that they would get sick or even die from a hotel stay. It does happen though. This last summer, three people died from staying at a hotel in Chicago. The reason, they were exposed to Legionnaires disease.

Employers guide for Legionella

If you are an employer who manages a facility that has hot and cold water service or a wet cooling system such as a cooling tower or evaporative condenser, you must be aware of the dangers of Legionella

AquaCert - Legionella outbreak due to lack of testing

Legionnaires‘ disease (LD) is a preventable, curable but potentially fatal, pneumonia-like illness caused by the bacterium, Legionella.

Legionella Testing FAQs

Legionella Testing FAQs

AquaCert - Does my Business need to Test for Legionella Bacteria?

Aquacert legionella testing provide a full and comprehensive range of Legionella testing kits. We provide an easy and inexpensive method for testing your Business or Premises for Legionella Bacteria.

AquaCert - What is Legionella Disease?

Legionella disease is a fatal and infectious disease caused by the gram negative bacteria. A majority of legionella disease cases are caused by certain strain of the bacteria known as Legionella Pneumophila

AquaCert - What is Legionnaires Disease

Legionellosis is an infection that is potentially fatal. It is caused by certain bacteria that is a member of the Legionella genus.

AquaCert - Legionella bacteria in public hot water systems

The public awareness of the importance in treating water for bacteria has been on the rise. People are making it a higher priority to stay up to date with exactly what kinds of bacteria present a threat to them and how water purification is presenting a barrier for defence.

Testing & monitoring for legionella - legionella test kits | Health information and Health Tips

In 2011, 240 cases of legionella were reported in the UK. The majority of those cases were Legionnaires' disease, so named because the first recognised outbreak took place in 1976 at an American Legion convention.

AquaCert - legionella testing statement from Royal Caribbean Cruises

The death of a former Royal Caribbean cruise ship captain who died of Legionella in 2009 remains a mystery. The cruise company issued a statement this week that the tests for Legionella bacteria on the ship came back negative. Tore Myhra, 59, fell ill on the Liberty of the Seas cruise ship shortly before the vessel docked in the United States.

Community hospital re-opens after legionella work

At Launceston Hospital, a routine legionella test showed a scary discovery. In February, the hospital found the bacteria that cause Legionnaires' disease. Located in Cornwall, Launceston Hospital encompasses a total of 20 beds. The discovery of these bacteria forced the closure of the community hospital while repairs were made.

New Guidelines To Minimise The Risk Of Legionella

Ever since the outbreak of Legionnaire's disease occurred in Stoke and England last year, many people have been concerned about the control of legionella in the water systems. Legionnaire's disease is a form of pneumonia that is caused by bacteria. Most people develop this disease by breathing in mist from legionella-containing water.

Legionella control code of conduct for service providers

There is a document published by the Health & Safety Executive that deals with best practices for controlling legionella bacteria found in water systems. It is titled "Legionnaires' Disease, Approved Practice and Guidance." Part of the document contains information related to the Service Provider Code of Conduct.

" Is Your Business Legionella Compliant? Sidekick-art

Health Risks Associated with Legionella If the Legionella bacteria are inhaled, they may cause pneumonia or symptoms similar to the flu. These may include fevers, chills, headaches, muscle pains and high temperatures. One of the serious health risks resulting from Legionella bacteria is Legionnaires' disease.

Legionella Contamination Closes A Devon School

A legionella contamination in the water supply has forced a Devon school to close early for the summer holidays. The school was originally going to close on July 23, 2013, but it is now going to close on July 19th.

Legionella Outbreak in Glasgow May see Increased cases

The city of Glasgow may see more cases of Legionnaires' disease over the next fortnight, according to various health experts. Five people have been sent to hospital with the ailment with three still receiving treatment.All are doing well and are expected to make a full recovery.