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Insects and Pest Control

The long and short of insects and pest control tips

Facts about Mice and Some Mice Control Tips | Pest Control Leicester | Pest removal midlands

When mice infestations are detected by homeowners, the perpetrators of the pest control issue usually involves wood or house mice families, two species of mice indigenous to the UK. While wood mice prefer hedgerows and countryside garages or sheds, the house mouse almost entirely relies on the existence of human-built habitats to survive

The Trouble with Garden Slugs | Pest Control Leicester | Pest removal midlands

Slugs are a green thumber’s bane. As slow as these pests can appear, they can do significant damage to your garden within a single night. These slippery devils leave slime trails. Their damage is obvious as their population grows rapidly. They thrive at night, They need to keep moist. Otherwise, they dehydrate and die. Usually when you see them in the sun it’s because they’re trying to get out of it or they’re simply waiting for the daylight to fade.

Pest Control Bill for Leicester Hospital reaches £10K | Pest Control Leicester | Pest removal midlands

Pest Controllers had a busy time in Leicester Hospitals last year, with more then 200 pest control callouts.

Insects That Have Caught the Christmas Bug | Pest Control Leicester | Pest removal midlands

Amid the magical chaos of Christmas gifts, lights and sweets, few take the time to think about insects. Take a break from the traditional holiday trappings and consider these unique species of insects that will put you in the Christmas spirit

Our British Insects are not so Poisonous, but can still be Nasty | Pest Control Leicester | Pest removal midlands

Fortunately, Britain does not have a high concentration of insects that are poisonous to humans. However, it is wise to be aware of any pests that cam cause harm when venturing out into the countryside or finding them in your home.

A novel Idea to Squirrel Pest Control | Pest Control Leicester | Pest removal midlands

In the pest control business it’s better to nip the problem in the bud early.

We came across this clip and wondered how this squirrel will turn out, PEST or PET ?

Moving forward with Pest Control after Council Cutbacks | Pest Control Leicester | Pest removal midlands

Along with the tightening budgets over the last two years, 29 councils have stopped participating in pest control. A few councils that have not completely stopped pest control are starting to charge for the service. Councils are expected to keep their land rat-free, and they can also pressure private landowners to remove pests, but, legally, they need not provide a pest control service.

Pest Control in Food Processing and Food Manufacture Businesses | Pest Control Leicester | Pest removal midlands

Pest control and pest management in facilities that manufacture food is a prerequisite. The food industry is regulated and audited by governing bodies that set standards to establish whether or not an establishment is taking precautions. Site inspections are done regularly and sanctions are imposed when protocol to food safety isn’t followed. And yet, some operations may fail to apply a proper program for this, despite the standards set and despite the advances in baiting techniques and monitoring of pests. Certain practices and the lack of information and training may have inhibit the adaption of these techniques.

Control Profits with Proper Pest control | Pest Control Leicester | Pest removal midlands

Pests continue to be a big problem for businesses. Every year they cause economic loss to the food industry. The public is treated to horror stories, such as rat faeces and urine in commercial kitchens, mice in fast food and caterpillars in salads.

Rat and Rodent Control | Pest Control Leicester | Pest removal midlands

Rat and mouse infestations can be a huge inconvenience for any home owner. Not only are rats and mice unpleasant to see scurrying around one’s home, but they can also lead to potential health hazards for those dwelling in the home as a result of diseases the they carry. If you have seen mice, rats, or other rodents in your home recently, now is the time to get the problem taken care of before it gets any worse and leads to a full-blown infestation that requires the prolonged professional expertise of a pest control company.

Pest Control - Some Fascinating Insect Facts | Pest Control Leicester | Pest removal midlands

Understanding insects is the key to controlling insects, So we decided to put together some fascinating insect facts to help you appreciate them a little more. Failing this, give us a call and we will come and remove them for you.