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Currated Lesson Resources- Constitutional Convention

Constitutional Convention | History & Compromises |

Description: An article that tells what the constitutional convention was with links to items that were discussed at the convention.
Rationale: I thought this article would be very good to first introduce what the constitutional convention is because the resource is easy to understand and does not go into too much detail right away.

The Constitutional Convention - Teaching American History

Description: This source has many different links that include information about things like the convention, delegate, and many other things surrounding the event.
Rationale: This resource has many different informational links and lets students decide for themselves what they want to learn more about, which lets them take control of their learning.

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 in Philadelphia

Description: This resource is the most in depth source and give the most information in a straight forward way.
Rationale: This source could be put at the end of the lesson as something a students can use to dive even deeper into their understanding of the convention.

Constitutional Compromises: Crash Course Government and Politics #5

Description: A very fun and animated video about the compromises that were made between all of the states to get the constitution ratified.
Rationale: A fun video can engage a student in a different way allowing them to absorb more information that reading from an article.

The Articles of Confederation - Constitutional Convention - Extra History - #4

Description: this video outlines a lot of the problems with the articles of confederation and why there was a need for the constitutional convention.
Rationale: This video will give backstory to students in a fun and enjoyable way that will make them look forward to the rest of the lesson.

Constitutional Convention Live Review Game

Description: A jeopardy game based around the debates of the constitutional convention that can be played with multiple players.
Rationale: This game allows for students to test their knowledge and interact with other students who are at the same point in the lesson.

Constitutional Rights - Bing images

Description: An image of the original bill of rights that was ratified as a result of the constitutional convention.
Rational: An image of an old document showing the original bill of rights could have more of an impact on the students that the bill of rights being listed by me in an unoriginal way.

Description: A podcast by the Washington post about the beginning of the constitutional convention that has historian and professors as guests.
Rationale: Using a short part of this podcast will allow students who need information to be fed to them orally to learn at the same pace as everyone else.

Make a Meme - Funny memes and meme generator

Description- A website that allows you to create a meme using their large library of templates.
Rationale: As students learn about the convention they can create memes about it to make them have original ideas and think deeper about the topic.

Flipgrid - Video for student engagement and formative assessment

Description: A site that allows for online discussion through videos.
Rationale: By using flipgrid I can have students engage in arguments and discussion online while also creating their own videos.