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5 senses

The Five Senses | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids

This source introduces the five senses and what parts of the body use the senses. I chose this video because it is visual and a good start to thinking about the five senses and it is a good length to keep their attention.

This is a game the teaches about each sense individually and then asks questions as example for the kids to respond. I chose this because it teaches and gives opportunity for feedback and participation.

Five Senses Song | Song for Kids | The Kiboomers

This song goes over the senses and what body parts use them, as well as an example of it being used. I chose this song because it can be interactive and a different way to learn what parts go with each of the five senses.

Five Senses Game | Science Game | Turtle Diary

This is another game that incorporates the five senses. I chose this because it uses more real world examples that I think the kids will easily relate to and understand.

15 Fabulous Five Senses Activities for Preschoolers

These activities are hands on activities that will give the kids a more full understanding of the senses. I also chose this because it will make the kids more aware of their surroundings and that they use their senses all the time.

I Hear a Pickle: and Smell, See, Touch, & Taste It, Too!

This is a book that is more of a storytelling way of talking about what senses are used where. I chose this book because it is another good way to keep the kids engaged and give them examples they have seen before in their lives to relate to.

5 senses - Google Search

These are images representing the 5 senses. I liked these images because they are very straightforward and easy to understand.

FIVE SENSES | School Games

This game lets you decide which sense you need to use to perform a task, like determine what sense lets you smell garlic. I chose this because it will challenge the kids to choose what best fits the situation and help them to build on their knowledge of the senses.


5 senses flower

5 senses flower

This activity requires the kids to put together photos with the senses and build a flower. I chose this because they could get creative and choose how they want to represent each sense and use their senses while making it.

The Magic School Bus S04E09 Makes A Stink (Smell) - video dailymotion

This is an episode of Magic School Bus that tells about the senses. I chose this because it is very engaging and has a lot of good information and fun learning concepts.