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How To Tie A Palomar Knot Strongest Fishing Knot

This video will teach the students how to tie a simple, yet affective way to tie a knot to use while fishing. I picked this resource because it is very simple and very clear to follow. It also includes a walkthrough picture at the beginning the kids can look at.

How To Fly Fish For Trout, Bass & More | Learn Fly Fishing With Orvis

This website has a bunch of resources that will help the students understand fly fishing and help them become better at the activity. It also has several good pictures showing the enjoyment that the sport can bring to everyone no matter their age. I chose this website because it was very professional and again filled with very useful information and attention grabbing pictures.

Fly Fishing Simulator - Apps on Google Play

This game is a quick and easy way for the students to put their fly fishing knowledge to the test. They get to choose where to fish, what lure to use, and where to cast. I picked this game because it allowed for the most input of all the games I found by the participant. In order to play the students will either download the game on their phone, or a school Ipad and the enjoy.

Fly Fishing Podcast – Remote. No Pressure.

This audio podcast gives the students many informational podcasts to go on with fly fishing. I chose these videos because those of my students who are auditory learners will learn better with more then on voice tell them about information on fly fishing.

How To Swing A Golf Club

This video explains how to properly swing a golf club. A key skill that all students need in order to play. I picked this video because it is a very simple, and beginners video that is easy to follow along with and can make you a better golfer very quickly. Again it will help with my visual learners. Golf Instruction, Equipment, Courses, Travel, News - Golf Digest

Golf digest is one of the most premiere golf analysis's in the world. They do it all from follow along with the pros to help the beginning golfer improve. I selected this website because it is full of all sorts of information no matter what part of your game needs help. This website can also help the students stay engaged in golf no matter how old they get.

WGT Golf - Apps on Google Play

This is a golf simulator that allows the students to put their golf knowledge and skills to the test. I chose this game because it is very hands on and allows the player to make multiple decisions. It will require my students to think critically about the game of golf and how they should attack each hole.

Rickie Fowler Gives Tips on How to Putt Better | Golf Tips | Golf Digest

This is a quick little entertaining video on how to become a better putter done by one of the best putters in the world. I chose this video to get students familiar with the professional golfing field while at the same time allowing them to improve their putting while visually watching the video multiple times and then putting those tips intro action.


Fly fishing

Fly fishing

This image shows a person using proper fly fishing technique in the outdoors that the students will learn in my classroom. I choose this picture because it shows the students the proper technique and gives them a good look at where fly fishing can take you.


Golf swing

Golf swing

For our second activity, we will be doing golf and this image shows the proper sequence of s golf swing. I chose this picture because it is the world's biggest golfer doing the simple mechanics needed to swing and those that are visual learners can see the activity performed correctly before it is done.