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Updated by Grace Werner on Apr 22, 2019
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Curated Lesson Resources - US States

U.S. States

This website gives interesting facts about each of the fifty states. I chose this video because it has all 50 US states, their capital, interesting facts, and it is easy for students to navigate.

The United States of America Ordered by Entry to the Union by Gwen Fisher using Doceri Software

I like this video because it shows the order that US states entered the Union. I chose this video because it is helpful for students to see when the states became states. I also like how the video is colorful and easy to understand.

U.S. States: 50 States and State Capitals | - HISTORY

This website gives more interesting facts about the US states. I chose this website as an extra for the students to look at. I also like how this gives more of the history of the states as well as pictures.

Map Snap: USA - Play it now at

I love this game! This game has students place each state in the proper location on a map. In another game on the website, you can have students name the state capitals. I chose this game because I like how it turns learning the location of the states and being able to recognize the state into a game where they can time themselves.

Wakko's 50 State Capitols with Lyrics/Subtitles

I love the animaniacs! Their songs are easy to get stuck in your head which will help students remember the states. I chose this video because I want students to have an easy way of remembering the states. By learning a song, this can help them remember for long after my class. - States and Capitals

This resource also gives pertinent information about the states. It also gives quizzes for the students to use to help them learn the states.

Our Favorite Underrated National Parks in the United States | Wander The Map

This is a photo essay I found about underrated national parks. I chose this to familiarize students with parts of the US. I wanted them to see different things they could see in the US and hopefully go see it.

U.S. Population by State, 1790 to 2015

I thought this would be interesting for students to look at. It is a lot of statistics, but I think it would be something that I could show them to demonstrate how population has boomed in some areas of the country while others still have a relatively low population and explore reasons why that might be.

Missouri | State Facts & History

I chose a second article from this website because it gives quick accurate information. As part of learning about all of the states, students need to be able to give the history of their state. This website gives good information that is quick and easy for them to access.

Geography Quiz / Countries On a Map... Without a Map!

I like this quiz because it makes the students spell the capital correctly and shows them where the capital is located on a map. I chose this to give the students extra practice to learn the capitals.