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Curated Lesson Resources - Performance Quality Assessment

Naxos Music Library

Students will be asked to find music that is an example of an excellent-appropriate evaluation. This is an excellent resource that students are being introduced to and will have an opportunity to explore. Similar to the YouTube example, students have the opportunity to be creative. In this scenario, they can find and listen to many pieces of quality music.

Band/Orchestra Assessment Form

I will pull criteria from this sheet to develop my own. This is a rough outline of the evaluation form that students will receive. This is a reference to help them navigate the musical value of each performance they hear.

On Becoming a Conductor (Pg. 18-19)

Students must read to help understand the artistic quality of a piece to determine its' musical value and appropriateness evaluation. This is the foundation of the lesson, and the students will be asked to do this first.

SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Jazz Suites Nos. 1 and 2 / The Bolt Suite / Tahiti Trot (Russian State Symphony Orchestra, D. Yablo...

Select "III.Dance 1" and listen. What would your evaluation be? Is this appropriate? Use clues from this page to learn more about the performance. This performance is excellent-appropriate. Students have an excellent example, as well as their introduction to an excellent resource.


Find an example of a performance that is NOT excellent-appropriate (it may be any other combination) and tell me why? Students will have to explore the page and do their own research on this one! They have an opportunity to be creative and show me anything!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame - 2013 Bishop Shanahan Band

Students will determine if this performance is appropriate or inappropriate. This performance is an example of a functional-inappropriate performance. I want my students to see another example of a functional piece, but one that is not performed for its function.

T Chart Template

Students will review several performances and put them under either the "Appropriate," or, "Inappropriate," side of the table. Students will also provide an explanation as to why. I will be flexible with wrong answers as long as students are able to explain to me why that performance may be appropriate/inappropriate.

A Panic At the Disco Medley

Students will be asked, is this an example of appropriate or inappropriate? This is not an appropriate performance. This shows students, that even though it may sound amazing and be performed by a collegiate ensemble, does not mean it is appropriate for the situation.

Panic! At the Disco Show / TUDMB

Students will be asked if this is an example of appropriate or inappropriate and place it on the T chart. This is an appropriate performance, and I believe this shows students that quality/appropriate music does not only occur on a stage in an auditorium.

Elements of Music Performance :/ Flashcards | Quizlet

Students will use this to better understand the terms that appear on their adjudication sheet