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Ty's Curated Lesson Plans- Pickleball

pickleball history - Bing video

Description- This video gives a background of the history of pickleball and its founders.
Rationale- This give good age appropriate information to give the students fun background information about this sport.

Descroption-This is a picture of what pickleball look liked at its beginning and some of the first people who played it.
Rationale- This gives a visual to the students on how the sport originated and what it first looked like.

Description- This is where pickleball was invented and first played.
Rationale- This gives the student a visual of where pickleball was first played and invented.

Description- This is what pickleball looks like being played today.
Rationale- This gives the student a visual of what pickleball looks like today and how it is played now.

The Pickleball Show with Chris Allen – Pickleball News

Description- This is a podcast that discusses news, issues, and different aspects of the pickleball world.
Rationale-This gives the student a resource to explore more within the pickleball community and explore issues and ongoing topics of debate.

Description- This is an infographic that explains in brief detail a little about the sport and different elements of it.
Rationale- This gives the student a fun visual aid that will help them to relate to the sport that they probably don't have a lot of prior knowledge about.

Description- This is an image that shows the student all of the equipment needed to play pickleball.
Rationale- This allows the students to see all of the equipment needed to play the sport and allows them to see what they look like and how they are used.


Description- This is a video of the basics of the serve and different types of serves.
Rationale- This helps the student understand the types of serve and how to do them, the serve sets pickleball apart from other similar sports and is important to the game.

Top 10 Best Practice Pickleball Drills That Help You Improve Your Games

Description- This site has good drills for improving skills associated with pickleball.
Rationale- This will help my students improve their pickleball skills and help them gain the fundamentals that will help them with gameplay.

Court Etiquette - Pickleball Chilliwack

Description- This site has different rules and etiquette associated with pickleball.
Rationale- This will help the students learn the rules and etiquette so that when they participate in games they will know them and it will make the games fair and fun.