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Updated by Dylan Mountain on Apr 22, 2019
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Curated Lesson Resources

Description: Voicethread gives the option to record your voice on a presentation.
Rationale: I chose this resource because I will be having my students create a powerpoint presentation of pickleball and post it on voicethread so they can speak for each slide.

How to Play Pickleball

Description: This video shows the basics rules and how to play the game of pickleball.
Rationale: I chose this video because it shows my students that pickleball is for all ages, and why it is considered a lifetime activity.

How To Play Pickleball | A Basic Overview

Description: This website shows a basic overview of pickleball court dimensions and where to line up.
Rationale: I chose this website because it does a great job of explaining the serves, volleys, scoring, and player well as gives the details of the what the court looks like.

Fun Quiz On Pickleball - ProProfs Quiz

Description: This is a fun quiz to assess how well students know the information on the game of pickleball.
Rationale: I chose this quiz because it is a great way to assess my students and see how much they have learned through the resources on the hyperdoc. This is a quiz they will do at the end of the lesson.

Description: This website is full of videos and descriptions of strategies, techniques, and different types of hits.
Rationale: I chose this website because it provides videos that are more in depth and will hopefully help my students understand the game better.

Description: This is a picture of a pickleball court with all the dimensions including the no volley zone.
Rationale: I added this image as a resource for those that learn better through visuals. This picture gives an accurate depiction of what the court needs to look like with the boundary lines along with net height and much more.

Description: This website gives the history of pickleball and how it came about.
Rationale: I chose this because I want students to be able to explain how the game was created in their presentation and get to know the history of the game.

Pickleball Rules | The Definitive Beginner's Resource to How to Play Pickleball

Description: Video showing the basics of how to play pickleball.
Rationale: I chose this video in particular because it shows younger kids playing the game while a narrator is describing the basic rules and how to play.

What is Pickleball and Why is It So Popular? | Sports Imports | Sports Imports

Description: This article explains why pickleball has grown in popularity.
Rationale: I chose this article because I want students to understand why this activity is so popular and why it is important to find a lifetime activity to participate in as they get older.

Pickleball: The fastest growing sport you've never heard of

Description: This is a recent article describing a person's experiences with pickleball and why it is growing in popularity.
Rationale: I chose this article because it has personal experiences of people that love pickleball and explain why it is rapidly growing in popularity. I think having a reliable article like this one will help hook my students into being excited to play.