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Lesson Resources

Characters - Character Traits - Character Analysis - Flocabulary

Description: This is a video that includes a song with an overview of the topic

Rationale: I chose this resource because it is a fun and quick way to engage my learners

Avatar Maker - Create Your Own Avatar Online

Description: This is a tool where students can design their own avatar, or in this case character

Rationale: Students will explore the physical characteristics of their chosen character in a hands-on way. This tool forces students to really think about the physical characteristics since they have to actually create something.


Description: This is a tool for students to create a picture using words that fit the characteristics of their chosen character.

Rationale: This tool is useful because students must actually pick words that apply to their character, and then type them out. This makes learning more concrete.

Compare & Contrast Map - ReadWriteThink

Description: This is an interactive graphic organizer that enables students to organize and outline their ideas for different kinds of comparison essays.

Rationale: Students will use this tool to compare two characters and their relationships. This allows them to deepen their thinking and meets part of the state standard for comparing

‎Circle Round: 'Sweet Corn and Clever Rabbit' featuring Eris Baker on Apple Podcasts

‎Description: This is a podcast of a story in which a tricky rabbit who presents her fellow animals with an offer they can't refuse.

Rationale: Instead of choosing a character from a story they read, children can dissect the characters from this story that they listen to. Very helpful for auditory learners.

Optimize your viewing experience

Description: This is a website where students can explore many familiar books being read to them by famous actors

Rationale: I chose this because it will be another avenue for students to "read" a book to pick their characters for the study. This resource caters to both auditory and visual leaners

Comic Creator - ReadWriteThink

Description: This tool allows students to design their own comic strips.

Rationale: Students can creatively depict how a character might feel if they have different character traits, OR rewrite the story from their character's perspective.

Character Trait Examples

Description: This website lists tons of character trait examples

Rationale: This list and article will help students with the vocabulary needed and will work as a reference point for spelling and ideas

Character Traits Jeopardy Template

Description: This is a Character Trait Jeopardy game. Students have to identify different character traits based on their description

Rationale: This activity, in game form, will get kids excited. It also requires hire level thinking and may be best for early finishers or advanced students

Trick or Trait | Character Traits, Setting, and Vocabulary

Description: This is a game where students have to find the ghost with the correct word that matches the description

Rationale: This is a fun way to get students practicing character traits and learning the vocabulary