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Chiropractic Santa Rosa

Dr. Toth a Santa Rosa chiropractic offers chiropractic treatment provide quality healthcare to Santa Rosa & Sonoma County. Call (707) 526-1390 for information.

Family Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center in Santa Rosa

Toth Chiropractic is a family health & wellness Center in Santa Rosa. Visit us at for more details.

Dr. Douglass Toth, DC, FICPA | Toth Chiropractic| Blog

Dr. Douglass Toth is a Sonoma County native, born and raised.  He grew up in Healdsburg on his family’s vineyard and winery where he developed his love of the outdoors and all the things that make wine country special.  He is an SCDS and Cardinal Newman Alumni.

New Patients | Toth Chiropractic| Blog

All new patients are extended the courtesy of a free 5 minute consultation with Dr. Toth for the purposes of meeting in person and having a brief discussion of the problem of concern.  If Dr. Toth feels he can help you and you feel comfortable with his thoughts then you may proceed with a full initial exam and adjustment.

Neck and Back Pain | Toth Chiropractic| Blog

The neck and back are complex structures involved in every movement of daily life.  Prime movers like the trapezius muscle, latissimus dorsi muscle, and erector spinae muscles are responsible for conscious twisting and bending but also very small, deeper layers of muscle are responsible for unconscious postural movements that we don’t even think about.  These muscles along with the hundreds of ligaments, joints and nerves around the neck and back create a multitude of opportunities for sudden injury and chronic pain syndromes.  Unique structures called intervertebral discs between the vertebral bodies are particularly vulnerable to wear and tear as well as sudden injury due to trauma.  Below are some common conditions related to the neck and back:

Chiropractor for Herniated Discs in Santa Rosa, California | Toth Chiropractic

Toth Chiropractic can assist clients with herniated discs offering experienced chiropractic services. Call Today!

Arthritis | Toth Chiropractic| Blog

Arthritis is a degenerative inflammatory condition that can affect any joint of the body. However depending on the type of arthritis some joints are more affected than others. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis and can be found anywhere in the spine as well as extremities; all people will develop some OA somewhere in their body at some point in their lives. Degenerative Disc Disease (or DDD) is often associated with osteoarthritis in the spine because altered movement patterns or poor biomechanics tend to predispose a joint to both of these conditions. Osteoarthritis has three main causes:

Neuropathy Treatment Windsor | Treatment For Neuropathy Windsor

Neuropathy treatment Windsor. Neuropathy treatment is the second most common clinical neurological condition treated by chiropractors nationwide.

Toth Chiropractic| Blog

Following a proper diet and doing plenty of stretching exercises will help us keep the health better. For more details, please visit our blog.

Are Neck Adjustments Performed by Chiropractors Safe? Yes! March 19, 2019,posted by Douglass Toth

Do you suffer from neck pain and want a natural and non-invasive treatment, but worry whether or not it's safe? Read our blog and contact Toth Chiropractic at 707-526-1390 to schedule to an appointment for complete information and treatment.

What’s the Truth & Myth About Chiropractors? February 25, 2019,posted by Douglass Toth

There are various kinds of treatments performed by chiropractors. Know more about the services by chiropractors in Santa Rosa. Book an appointment with the doctors at Toth Chiropractic at 707-526-1390.

How Chiropractic Services in Santa Rosa Can Help with Pain During a Pregnancy February 18, 2019,posted by Douglass Toth

Chiropractic care can help to relieve pain during a pregnancy. For reliable care by expert chiropractors, connect with us at (707) 526-1390.

Neck Stretching Exercises to Relieve Pain After Travel January 26, 2019,posted by Douglass Toth

Did you come back from a long travel, and now looking for a family chiropractic health center in Santa Rosa for guidance on neck stretching exercises? For more information, connect with the best chiropractor at 707-526-1390.

Suffering from Text Neck? Chiropractors in Santa Rosa can help you Overcome it December 27, 2018,posted by Douglass Toth

Looking for skilled chiropractors in Santa Rosa to get relief from text neck? Connect with Toth Chiropractic to get relief from pain arising due to text neck. Contact us at (707) 526-1390 to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy November 15, 2018,posted by Douglass Toth

Chiropractic care involves the subtle maintenance of the spine, discs, and bone geometry without the aid of any kinds of drugs or surgical intervention. Chiropractors in Santa Rosa use a combination of art and science to adjust the joints of the body that may be misaligned, which in turn reduces spinal nerve stress, and thereby alleviates pain, and improves general well being. But, is it safe to resort to chiropractic treatment? And, if yes, what are the benefits of using chiropractic care during pregnancy?