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Updated by amelia-grantny on Apr 22, 2019
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7 Things You Should Always Inform Your Gyno Doctor About

For every woman, a gynecologist is a special person. This doctor is like your best friend whom you aren’t afraid to tell your biggest secrets. Of course, we don’t really mean it, but what is going on in your body shouldn’t be a secret for your gyno. It’s for your own sake.




It’s normal that we girls sometimes feel embarrassed to speak out loud about our delicate problems. We were raised in the atmosphere of social taboos over our bodies, sexuality and intimate health. But nowadays every girl should know that it is important to give yourself quality medical control, and it can’t be achieved without complete honesty with your doctor.

However, sometimes women simply don’t know that certain information may have any value to the gynecologist. A woman’s reproductive health is connected with hormones that run multiple processes in her body. This is why even the symptoms that aren’t associated with reproductive health can be connected to it and help your doctor make a diagnosis.


A Must-Know Information for Your Doctor

No matter if it’s your first pelvic exam or not, you should ALWAYS tell your gyno if you have these symptoms. Even if they don’t bother you much, they may mean the beginning of abnormal processes which are much easier to treat when they’re diagnosed on early stages.


Any changes in menstruation

The doctor will always ask you about your periods. You should be ready to provide information about the last one, their average length and other things that will help your doctor understand more about your body. And of course, you should inform your gyno about any changes, even if it was a harmless one or two days of delay.


Your intimate life

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about - sexual life is an important part of a woman’s life and health. Don’t be afraid to be judged and don’t judge yourself - untrue information that your doctor receives is a direct danger to your health.


Vaginal itching

This problem is very delicate but you shouldn’t be shy to speak about it with your doctor. It’s the only person that can help you get rid of this problem. Even it doesn’t really bother you, it’s not good to have it - it can be a serious fungal infection or even an STD.


Breast pain

We know that there is a doctor who is specialized in breasts and often may think that gyno has nothing to do about it. But it’s a mistake. Any abnormal things happening to your breasts may give the doctor a clue about possible problems of the gyno specialization.


Weight gain

Significant weight gain is often caused by a hormonal imbalance. If you gained lots of weight recently all of the sudden, and it isn’t connected with unhealthy lifestyle choices or it doesn’t go away with diet and exercise, it’s definitely a topic to discuss with your gyno.


Low libido

It may not sound like a health problem, but it may be so. There are many factors influencing our libido, and among them are chronic fatigue syndrome, hormonal imbalance, and many others. Don’t think it doesn’t matter; every little thing matters if it concerns your intimate sphere of life.



Chronic headaches can have a hormonal background or be a symptom of a metabolic problem. This is not necessarily a gyno's specialization but it may be; if not, your doctor will recommend you an appropriate specialist.