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Top 10 Ideas for Attic Arrangement

In some houses, there are striking rooms, which on one hand, look unusual, getting out of the general manner of the house, and on the other hand, they are extremely comfortable rooms with amazing views, since they are located right under the roof.
Of course, this is an attic. Such a romantic part of the house came to us from France. Here are 10 ideas for arranging your attic, which can become the most interesting and extremely functional room in the house.


Billiard room

Billiard room

If there is enough space in your dwelling both for individual rooms and for your wardrobe, you can choose the most “prestigious” option - to equip a full-fledged billiard room in the attic. Just before you go for the main attribute of such a room - a pool table - you need to clarify the volume of the room.



Do you like to paint or maybe you prefer to sew or crochet? Do you like to feel the clay in the hands, which is about to become a delightful vase or a handy cup? Your attic due to its own isolation from other rooms of the house can become an impeccable workshop. The interior of the attic workshop can look anyway you wish, as this is a place for creativity!


Bathroom or Sauna

In a large family, the need for an extra bathroom is especially important. And if in the lower part of the house there is no space for another bathroom, the attic can be turned into a spacious, beautiful bathroom. The room will be unusual if only because the bathroom with windows is a rare phenomenon. And no one can glance through the windows on the roof or under the roof canopy.



Sleep well away from other relatives, retire in a quiet and comfortable corner - this is the opportunity provided by a bedroom located in the attic. Even a small room can be reincarnated into a bedroom - the main thing is to have enough space for a bed.

The essential nuance is that the room under the roof will overheat in the summer, so if the attic is reincarnated into a bedroom, you will have to take care of installing some air conditioning. And the attic windows should be opened for airing, to ensure a surge of fresh air. Try to beat the main specifics of the attic - sloping walls, a triangular ceiling - and your bedroom will turn into a real love nest.


Living Room

Is there is no room in the house where you could get together with your friends? The attic can become a perfect place where it will be good to sit with friends at the round table, where mom can talk with her friends over a cup of tea, and the head of the family - boast about a successful deal or fishing trip.

Equipping a place for receiving guests in the attic is a snap - the interior can be arbitrary: from a significant hunting lodge to a luxurious baroque. A small set of furniture - soft sofa, chairs and a table.



Moving the only kitchen into a room right under the roof might not seem like a good idea. Indeed, my wife will have to go upstairs every time to make breakfast or lunch. In addition, is there enough space for dining? Otherwise, it will be, to put it mildly, not very comfortable to carry the plates with food to the first floor each time. However, this option also has a right to exist and will allow space for another room on the lower floors.

The kitchen interior in the attic will, in any case, be quite interesting, and the correct location of kitchen furniture and equipment will also make the room multifunctional.


Home Theater

You can embody this idea exclusively in a rather spacious attic, as there should be at least one sofa and a couple of chairs in a traditional living room. If the scale of the room under the roof is allowed to transform it into a living room, why not? Beveled walls and uneven ceiling can be extremely extraordinarily in the interior, make a room that will be very different in style from other rooms of the apartment and experiment with the design.



As is the case with the arrangement of a workshop, the privacy of the attic and its remoteness from other rooms of the house make this room the perfect place to concentrate on work or a favorite hobby. That is why the conversion of the attic into a work room is considered one of the most popular uses of this room.

Selecting the interior design of your own office, pay attention to the British style. Large furniture, leather sofas, solid armchairs, cabinets and racks made from dark wood are the best fit for creating a characteristic interior, a real cabinet of the “big boss”.


Wardrobe Room

Attic has traditionally been used as a "check-in" area for extra items from the lower rooms. So this idea simply organizes a place of preservation and moves it from the “warehouse for trash” category to a comfortable and modern storehouse of outfits for the whole family.

Of course, the furniture for such an unusual dressing room will have to be made to order, although you can try to find ready-made modules and sets of cabinet furniture.


Children's Room

An attic is a good option that will allow parents and children to breathe a little from each other. Noisy fun will not prevent the parent to rejoice in watching their favorite TV series, and children will be able to concentrate on their lessons, without being distracted by gossip and adult activities.