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Updated by Calvin McDuffie on Mar 17, 2022
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Top 11 Expert Tips and Products For A Healthier Lifestyle In 2019

Guide Your Health founder and health & wellness expert Calvin McDuffie gives his top 11 tips to living a healthier lifestyle in 2019.

Use Kratom For Pain Relief, Anxiety Relief, To Boost Energy And Ease Opioid Withdrawal

Kratom leaves are rich in compounds that alleviate pain and anxiety naturally. The use of Kratom powder to ease opioid withdrawal is on the rise as well. Looking to buy Kratom? Be very wary of the vendor as the most important factor in taking Kratom is the reliability of the vendor. To order from our 2019 Best Supplements For Men and Women winner Coastline Kratom, you can click here to order or order from the link in our online supplement store. Learn How To Make Kratom Tea or take Kratom capsules for consumption.

Use BrainPill Nootropics To Improve Brain Health, Concentration And Focus

Out are the days of methamphetamines like Ritalin or amphetamines like Adderall to improve concentration, focus, and memory.
In are the days of using nootropics like Brain Pill as adderal substitutes. After trying several nootropics, I finally landed on the the undisputed king. The ingredients in Brain Pill work in combination to give you a mental strength unmatched. Click here to order BrainPill.

Increase Your Growth Hormone Naturally

Illegal HGH injections are popular amongst bodybuilders and athletes. However, you can achieve all the benefits of HGH, without the side effects by using natural products like GenF20.
Natural Human Growth Hormone is the leading anti-aging supplement on the market. It's used for weight loss, wrinkle reduction, energy boosts of 82%, enhanced strength & stamina, increased absorption of amino acids, to treat ED and more.
The #1 natural HGH supplement is GenF20 by a long shot. Click here to order GenF20.

Use Blessed Seed Black Seed Oil For Its Numerous Benefits

Black seed oil benefits have been around for centuries, most recently to treat MRSA. Black seed oil contains the active agents thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone. This is beneficial to humans because it boosts metabolism, kills pain, strengthens hair, decreases tumor cells in cancer, strengthens liver function, fights diabetes, and boosts the immune system.

No black seed oil has higher amounts of thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone than the Blessed Seed's black seed oil. It comes in cold pressed and in 3 different strengths. Click here to order the blessed seed, black seed oil.

Use The Best Cleanse For Weight Loss and Belly Fat Twice Per Year

The Best Cleanse For Weight Loss and Belly Fat is a unique combination of the Wild Rose D-tox and Jarrow Formulas Cool-Ship probiotics. Not only will you lose weight that stays off, it improves your gut health, cleans your lymphatic system, and detoxifies the kidneys and liver.

You can click here to order the Wild Rose D-tox.
You can click here to order Jarrow Formulas Cool-Ship probiotics. Use code Jarrow NM25 to get 25% off your total order.

Understand Your Bodies Cravings

Understanding your cravings meaning can mean giving your body what it needs. You may think you are craving salt because you are addicted to sodium but it could be a sign your body is low on electrolytes and can be fulfilled by taking trace minerals.

Drink Lean1 Protein Shakes for Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Probiotics & more.

When I bumped into former all-pro LB Bill Romanowski and he said he had an innovative new line of products, I had no clue it was the most amazing protein supplement I'd ever seen. Lean1 is designed to burn fat and build muscle, however you don't have to want to do either to enjoy the benefits of Lean1.

Lean1 is loaded with protein, fiber, carbs, vitamins and minerals and contains much more nutrition than we can get in one setting. Thinking of counting calories to lose weight? No, just add nutrition and boost metabolism to lose weight quickly.

Click here to order Lean1.

Take Jarrow Formulas Cool-Ship Probiotics AND take them with your first meal

Many people complain of probiotics either not working or being ineffective. The truth is that they are probably just not taking the right ones at the right time. The store bought method is ineffective and can be quite expensive.

Jarrow Formulas has an awesome solution. They offer to "cool-ship" you probiotics, that's right, probiotics directly from the vendor in 2-3 days. The probiotics come in resealable icepacks insulated in cotton fiber to ensure they are all alive.

The best time to take probiotics? With your first meal of the day. This allows the probiotics to get deeper into the G.I. tract.

Click here to order Jarrow Formulas probiotics.

Smile more, for your health and others!

We often neglect the easiest way to improve our health.


Smiling improves mood, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, improves relationships, lengthens life, boosts the immune system, and provides pain relief. Not only does it benefit us it also affects others. Smiling makes other people happier and more likely to smile, so they can enjoy the same benefits as you.

Lower cortisol and stress with Maca

Many of us suffer from hormonal imbalance, estrogen dominance, stress or anxiety. The problem with stress and anxiety is that it raises cortisol levels. Heightened cortisol levels lead to stress and anxiety and can become a terrible cycle.

Maca belongs to a class of herbs called adaptogens. An adaptogen lowers cortisol levels and promotes hormonal balance. This in turn lowers our stress and anxiety.

Click here to purchase Maca.

You can test your cortisol levels at home. Click here to test your cortisol levels at home.

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