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Updated by Caleb Burnham on Apr 21, 2019
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Curated Lesson Resources - Logarithms

Khan Academy Intro to Logarithms

Description: This article gives a thorough explanation of logarithms.
Rationale: I chose this article because it has good explanations including color-coded equations. It also includes practice problems so students can chaeck their understanding

Khan Academy Intro to logarithms Video

Description: This video explains what logarithms are and gives a few examples of finding logarithms.
Rationale: I chose this as an alternative for visual learners to use to learn the material.

Wolfram|Alpha: Making the world’s knowledge computable

Description: WoframAlpha is a computational search engine (fancy calculator) that students can use to find solutions to logarithms tied to their graphs.
Rationale: I chose this tool because it is a powerful; aid in doing homework and it will provide explanations of its solutions.




Description: Online graphing tool
Rationale: I included this tool because students can use it to easily create a graph using just an equation

Graphing Calculator - GeoGebra

Description: Interactive, free online graphing calculator from GeoGebra.
Rationale: GeoGebra has a few more advanced features that Desmos does not, so I included it as an alternative if students want to get into some of the more complex manipulations of their graphs.


Description: Photomath is a free mobile app that acts as an advanced graphing calculator that can scan equations from a page, even handwritten text!
Rationale: I included this resource because I know Siri can solve any high school math problem, so if my students are going to be using their phones to solve math problems I want them to have a tool that is easy to use and will give them the steps to solve the problems so they can understand what is going on.

Introduction to Logarithms - Math Is Fun

Description: An explanation of logarithms using bright colors and numerous examples.
Rationale: I chose this resource so that students can see more examples of logarithms if they need to and so they can get additional explanation if needed.

Logarithm Laws

Description: An image with all the logarithm laws on it.
Rationale: I chose this resource so that my students can save this resource to their devices and use it for quick reference when working on an assignment.

Uses of Logarithms

Description: Explains what logarithms are used for and has some interactive elements to illustrate them.
Rationale: I chose this resource so that my students can understand why they are learning to use logarithms.

Tricks to Help With Logarithms

Description: This article illustrates some useful manipulations of logarithms.
Rationale: I included this resource for the eventuality that students get stuck on a problem.