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Entrepreneurship Summit 2012 Video Playlist

Wir haben uns gefreut, Sie beim Entrepreneurship Summit 2012 begrüßen zu dürfen! In dieser Playlist können Sie sich die Videos vom Entrepreneurship Summit 2

Transcript: Schmidt and Thiel smackdown - Fortune Tech

Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, and Peter Thiel, technology investor and entrepreneur, participated in a lively debate at Fortune Brainstorm Tech in Aspen, CO, about the future of technology, and so much more. Fortune's Adam Lashinsky moderated.

Below is an unedited transcript of the event. 

Peter Thiel at Charité Entrepreneurship Summit 2011 - Part 1 - YouTube

At last year's Charité Entrepreneurship Summit, Seriel Entrepreneur and Investor gave an inspiring speech on entrepreneurship, innovation and many other topi...

Bit by the Entrepreneurship Bug by Vinod Khosla | Stanford E-Corner / Entrepreneurship

Vinod Khosla, partner at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield Byers, was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug early in lif

Secret History of Silicon Valley - YouTube

[Recorded: November 20, 2008] Today, Silicon Valley is known around the world as a fount of technology innovation and development fueled by private venture c...

Taking your English degree to the web: Understanding User Experience Design | Vox Product

Last week I had the pleasure to give a presentation at PechaKucha Night in Santa Barbara. Like the Ignite series of talks it inspired, the PechaKucha format embraces constraints: each speaker uses...

Entrepreneurship: A High-risk Investment by Reid Hoffman | Stanford E-Corner / Entrepreneurship

Hoffman believes that out of three kinds of investment strategies, sure bets, low-risk management and high risk investme

Build. Measure. Learn. Lean Startup SXSW 2012 by Eric Ries

Become a Lean Startup Guru. Learn from Lean experts like Eric Ries, Steve Blank, and more.

The Lean Startup Talk at Stanford E-Corner by Eric Ries | Stanford E-Corner / Entrepreneurship

Debunking Myths of Entrepreneurship A startup is not a doll house version of a larger enterprise. It

Marissa Mayer's New Product Development Process by Marissa Mayer | Stanford E-Corner / Entrepreneurship

Learn how to create a culture that encourages the development of new products from Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer.

Learn How to Start a Business with No Money with Steve Blank | Stanford E-Corner / Entrepreneurship

Learn how to be an entrepreneur from revered serial entrepreneur Steve Blank.

21 Critical Lessons for Entrepreneurs by Docstoc Videos

Key insights to starting and succeeding with your own business. Presented by Jason Nazar, CEO of Docstoc.

Simon Sinek: If You Don't Understand People, You Don't Understand Business

"We're not good at everything, we're not good by ourselves," says Simon Sinek at the 99% Conference. Our ability to build trust and relationships is the key to our…

Kopf schlägt Kapital: Die ganz andere Art, ein Unternehmen zu gründen Von der Lust, ein Entrepreneur zu sein

Kopf schlägt Kapital: Die ganz andere Art, ein Unternehmen zu gründen -Von der Lust, ein Entrepreneur zu sein eBook: Günter Faltin: Kindle-Shop

Peter Thiel On His ‘Super-Futuristic’ Focus And The Chess Strategy Founders Should Know [TCTV] | TechCrunch

Peter Thiel, the tech industry magnate known among other things for co-founding PayPal and investing very early in Facebook, took home the VC of the Year award at the 6th annual Crunchies this week for his individual investments and his work with Founders Fund, the San Francisco venture capital fi..

Slides/Videos « Steve Blank
  1. Videos Click Here 2. Slides Click Here 3. Everything I give away is summarized here. ___________ Syllabi, Student Presentations & My Presentations/Lectures I keep all my presentations on Sli...
steve blanks Präsentationen bei SlideShare

Präsentationen von steve blank anschauen und herunterladen

How to Build a Startup - Overview - Udacity

Learn the key tools and steps to build a successful startup (or at least reduce the risk of failure). An introduction to the basics of Steve Blank's famous Customer Development process, where entrepreneurs

Harvard professor Clayton Christensen, disruptive innovation and higher education - YouTube

Renowned Harvard business professor and acclaimed author Clayton Christensen addressed the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee this morning in the S...

30 Second MBA

The great lament of any reporter is what to do with the jewels that routinely get left on the cutting room floor after a really great interview. Enter the 30-Second MBA, an ongoing video "curriculum" of really good advice from the trenches, directly from people who are making business happen.

Paul Graham: What are Paul Graham's best essays, and why? - Quora

Answer (1 of 17): I would read his book Hackers and Painters to start. But the indispensable essays are:
1. How to Make Wealth:
2. How to Start a Startup
3. Hiring is Obsolete (maybe his best)