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Updated by Source of Fabric International on Nov 15, 2019
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Source of fabric

SOFI is a wholesale fabric distributor making it easy to find the exact fabrics you need. You can find wholesale fabric online from a wide variety of different textures and fabric blends, from the rarest materials to the most versatile and comfortable fabrics.

At Source of fabric, supply the best fabric in wholesale. Source of Fabric has the best fabric suppliers, we are providing online high-quality wholesale fabrics high volume fabric at a lower cost to you. For further information about how we can help you make the most of your products, please visit us on our website.

Poly Spandex Fabric Wholesale

We offer the best Poly Spandex material, accessible in a wide assortment of examples and structures. For those in the Los Angeles region, our example room is available to planners and clothiers who might want to get a nearby view before they purchase discount texture.


Wholesale Fabric Suppliers Near Me

Wholesale Fabric Suppliers Near Me

Source of Fabric International is a complete fabric supplier providing wholesale fabric in Los Angeles. Wholesale Fabric Suppliers provide exact color, textures, stretch, and durability. We provide more than 2000 types of fabrics available every time. Our product prices are affordable. If you want anything to say, please visit our website.

Stretch fabric Los Angeles

We provide a wide variety of fabrics at Source of Fabric. We are giving high-quality Stretch fabrics that are specially used for swimwear, dancewear, and high-performance. You can make men’s T-shirts, women dress with stretch fabric. If you get more information, please visit our website.

Wholesale Fabrics Us

Wholesale fabric is beautiful, high quality and affordable price fabric. The source of fabric international has much selection of fabrics you can choose from. We give you to a wide variety of fabrics. If you need of wholesale fabrics, please call us on (213) 493-4095 at any time.

Source of Fabric International giving wonderful and quality stretch fabric at an authentic cost. Extend textures are solace, ease and breathable. It very well may be utilized for shirts, skirts, loungewear, and dresses and furthermore utilized for activewear, dancewear, and so on. If you get more information about stretch fabric Los Angeles, please visit us on our website.

We are providing high-quality cotton spandex fabric features a smooth hand and four-way stretch for added comfort and ease. We are an amazing company and the most reliable customer services. We have different types of cotton spandex fabric at wholesale prices. More information clicks on our website.

Stretch fabric Los Angeles

Stretch fabric is extremely flexible and typically provides stretch in both the warp and weft directions. We offer a wide assortment of stretch knits here at Mood ranging from pleather to fun and casual solids or even wild prints. Our company delivers Stretch fabric in Los Angles in a variety of styles. For more information please visit us on our website.

Rayon Spandex Fabric Wholesale

The source of fabric international is providing unique different rayon spandex fabric with the help of good materials. Rayon spandex fabric is suitable for blouses, skirts, scarves, and saris. It is very comfortable and lightweight. Here you can find a top-class fabric that suits your budget. For further details please click on our website.

Wholesale Woven Fabrics Los Angeles

Source of fabric International has a large collection of wholesale fabric in Los Angles. Our company provides all types of woven fabric which include Gingham, Velvet, Gingham, etc. These fabrics are wears for the winter session. It can be used to make woven tops, woven swatter, and woven jackets. If you want more information please visit our website.

Cotton Fabric Supplier

The source of Fabric International is to deliver cotton fabric. Cotton fabric is a perfect choice for sportswear, athletic wear, sleepwear, tops, t-shirts, shorts. We have a wide variety of men's, children, women's apparel and accessories. This fabric is a versatile, soft and workable used for many different types of projects.

Los Angeles Cheap Fabric Suppliers

Source of Fabric International offers Cheap Fabric Suppliers in Loss Angeles. It can be used to upholstered furnishings, window shades, towels, coverings. This fabric used for different purposes like creates bed sheets, curtain and pillow cover, etc. We deliver hundreds of designs and colors of fabric at the lowest price.

Los Angeles Print Houses

Our Printing House provides a wide variety of fabric printing services in Los Angeles. Our Print Houses create fabric pattern design with the help of beautiful colors. Print fabrics are printed in different styles like black-white check print, graphic print and more. These printed patterns available in our online store.