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Best Thai Dishes – Dishes you shouldn't miss out on when in Thailand

Thai cuisine has everyone's attention around the world as one of the most sought-after international cuisines – once you've tried the cuisine, you won't forget the fragrances and flavours.


Tom Yang

Most people know this soup as the sour Thai soup which is usually an infusion of herbs and a spicy soup. Tom yang Goong is what you should try if you love prawns. The taste is a mixture of sour and spicy which might not be what you are used to – but in the spirit of trying something different, you should give it a go. Also, you can sample this soup dish at any one of the restaurants in Bangkok Thailand.


Tom Kha Gai

A bit similar to tom yang, Tom Kha Gai is also a dish soup that tourists happen to love immensely. While tom yang has a strong spicy trace, tom kha gai is what you should try if your tolerance to spice is low. The dish is made of a coconut soup base as a way of sweetening the dish. If you are a vegetarian, you have the option of replacing the meat with vegetables. You can sample this delightful dish at any eatery including Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok Serviced Suites.


Yam Pla Dook Foo

Yam pla dook foo – in other words, fried catfish with green mango salad – is made of crisped pieces of catfish which are then mixed with a green mango salad. This fluffy/crispy dish is best consumed as an appetiser – probably as a beer snack.


Guay Teow

One of the most coveted dishes in Thailand, Guay Teow is a noodle soup made of meat and egg/rice noodles. At almost every restaurant, they add meatballs and wontons to the dish as well as a topping of chilli peppers, lime juice, fish sauce and sugar. You can consume Guay Teow any time of the day, but this is best enjoyed as a night snack.


Yam Talay

If you are in the mood for a healthy meal, this is what you should go for. Yam Talay is a fusion of seafood, onions, tomatoes and noodles. As for the meat, you can choose anything from crabmeat, scallops, squid and shrimp.



Everything about Thailand's northeast can be summed down to this dish. Laap is a mouth-watering combination of roasted rice, fresh herbs, fish sauce and minced meat. This is usually enjoyed with sticky rice which is consumed by hand.


Gaeng Daeng

With a sumptuous amount of meat, coconut milk and red curry paste, Gaeng Daeng is an aromatic curry dish you will instantly fall in love with. The dish is topped off with kaffir lime leaves which gives the curry its palatable fragrance.


Khao Pad

This is simple yet a delicious food option. It is rice mixed with eggs, onions and herbs. You have meat options like chicken, crab or prawns. Usually, the dish is accompanied with a slice of lime and cucumber.