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Meditation & Affirmations 101: Finding Your Favorite Styles

These are some different styles of guided meditations and affirmations. Binaural beats are also included in some tracks. Listening to these types of recordings can help you to improve your self-esteem, increase your focus, settle into a more peaceful state of mind and much more.

Guided Self-Healing Meditation

Length of Track: 11 minutes 35 seconds
Focus: Self-healing
Style: Guided meditation with background music.
Narrator: Meryl Yecies (find her on Instagram at @embodied_on_earth).
Music Style: Acoustic guitar (played by Brian Massa).

Guided Affirmations for Increasing Feelings of Ease

Length of Track: 6 minutes and 6 seconds
Focus: Increasing feelings of ease
Style: Affirmations with background music.
Narrator: Jess Shepherd.
Music Style: Uplifting piano.

‘I AM’ meditations and affirmations help you change the course of your reality by creating new momentum in the direction you wish your life to go. However, the real power in affirmations and intention is to FEEL it. If you are just repeating words or goals, not much in your vibrational energy system is going to change and your personal power is limited. Neuroscience suggests that it is best if you can get yourself into a relaxed meditative state and then from that place really FEEL what it is like to be living the life you want with the feelings of ease, flow and grace. Once you have told the new story about how everything is getting easier and easier, you will find some relief from feelings of fear when challenging yourself to make changes.

Guided Affirmations for Soothing Feelings of Overwhelm

Length of Track: 8 minutes 11 seconds
Focus: Self-soothing to deal with overwhelm
Style: Affirmations with background music.
Narrator: Jess Shepherd [female]
Music Style: Uplifting piano.

This is a guided affirmation for soothing feelings of overwhelm. Many of us have times when we feel overwhelmed. If our attention and focus remain on all the things that are making us feel overwhelmed, often stress and sickness can result. Here we have some guided affirmations and ideas on how to change your focus to help you to soothe your feelings of overwhelm. Allow yourself to relax and turn the direction of your thoughts towards feeling and knowing that you are always assisted, that the universe is on your side. Let go of fighting against life and surrender to its flow.

Guided Chakra Healing Meditation with Affirmations - 432 Hz

Length of Track: 28 minutes 55 seconds
Focus: Healing and balancing the energy of each chakra within our body.
Style: Guided meditation (including affirmations) with background music.
Narrator: Meryl Yecies [female voice]
Music Style: Acoustic guitar tuned to 432 Hz, played by Brian Massa.

Guided Meditation to Release Negative & Limiting Beliefs

Length of Track: 50 minutes
Focus: Releasing negative and limiting beliefs.
Style: Guided meditation with visualizations.
Narrator: Jess Shepherd [female voice]
Music Style: Soothing ambient music.

None of us are born thinking and feeling negatively about ourselves. Take this guided imagery journey through a rainforest to a healing waterfall to release anything that is consciously or subconsciously holding you back, to let go of any and all beliefs which limit your life and give back what never belonged to you in the most positive way.

Guided I AM Affirmations for Spiritual Abundance, Prosperity & Success

Length of Track: 26 minutes 2 seconds
Focus: Spiritual abundance, prosperity and success.
Style: Guided affirmations with binaural beats.
Narrator: Kenneth [male voice]
Music Style: Binaural "Alpha" beats; Solfeggio 852 & 963 Hz.

There are a lot of people who don´t think success and spirituality fit together, or that feel guilty about wanting to achieve success. What for? You have been given the gift of free will to create your reality. Your soul wants you to be successful on YOUR terms, for the highest good of all. This session also focuses on releasing and healing limiting beliefs about abundance and success. Letting go of that old energy will open you up to a high vibrational flow of abundance and prosperity into your life.

Guided Affirmations for Energy & Motivation

Length of Track: 8 minutes 30 seconds
Focus: Energy and motivation.
Style: Guided affirmations with soothing music.
Narrator: Sarah Dresser [female voice]
Music Style: Soothing ambient music.

These morning affirmations are designed to energize, motivate and empower you with positive energy. They remind you that you are the single greatest influence over your own life and your future. So start today, right now, to build the best possible future you can imagine!

Guided Affirmations to Raise Consciousness in the Present Moment

Length of Track: 13 minutes
Focus: Raising consciousness, being present, releasing anxiety about time.
Style: Guided affirmations with soothing music.
Narrator: Sarah Dresser [female voice]
Music Style: Soothing ambient music.

These encouraging affirmations are designed to break you out of the trap of feeling like you never have enough time. You can use simple but effective techniques to put the past to peace, and calm the craving to race to the future. This allows you to shift from a feeling of dread, of never having enough time, to realizing that each 24 hour period is truly a blessing. These affirmations will reinforce just how much you can do today.

I AM Affirmations to Attract Wealth & Abundance

Length of Track: 14 minutes 12 seconds
Focus: Attracting wealth and abundance.
Style: Guided affirmations with soothing music.
Narrator: Bob Baker [male voice]
Music Style: Soothing ambient music.