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Updated by Morgan Cochran on May 01, 2019
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Curated Lesson Resources -- Music Careers

Music Career Finder

Description: The website lists the many different music careers and evaluations.
Rationale: I chose this resource because it is very student friendly with its survey-like questions to get students going and the many options they can explore.

Description: This document lists jobs in music by category and title, providing average salaries and some information.
Rationale: I chose this resource so that students can compare the salaries of different careers, as well as explore the factors that influence that.

Music Careers

Description: This resource lists many musical occupations with links to a detailed overview page about each.
Rationale: This is a wonderful website that includes links to very detailed overviews of careers; students can compare, contrast, and evaluate many different careers.

What kind of musical career is best for you?

Description: This quiz determines music careers that would fit you best.
Rationale: This quiz asks great questions that I would ask a student interested in pursuing music; it racks the student's brain for their motivation.

Careers for Music Lovers

Description: This website includes some music career options as well as factors of the field, like challenges and rewards.
Rationale: I love that this resource addresses skills, challenges, rewards, and experiences of the music field.

Music Industry Careers

Description: This video from Minnesota State University, Mankato lists a couple music careers their students are training for.
Rationale: This resource can encourage students since they hear from actual music students about what they can pursue.

Music Industry Careers

Description: Yet another list of many jobs in the music industry, this one including thorough profiles of different careers.
Rationale: This allows students to select a career they're interested in and read about skills needed, what that job looks like, salary, and more. There are also articles on pros and cons and interviews.

What Can You Do With a Music Degree?

Description: This site lists many careers you can pursue with a music degree, including scenarios and salaries.
Rationale: I chose this resource because it includes job scenarios with each career; students can imagine what they would actual do with that career.


Music Careers

Music Careers

Description: This info-graphic shares many of the things you can do with a music degree.
Rationale: This is good motivation for students because it's visually appealing and offers diversity.




Description: An online tool to design posters and graphics.
Rationale: Students can apply their creative skills to the information they learned by making a Canva poster about a career they found interesting. This tool is appealing to students because they get to design their finished product!


Description: This is a platform for creating infographics, posters, flyers, etc.
Rationale: This would be a great tool for students to use to create a presentable report of their research.