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StaffCircle provides employee engagement platform & employee communication platform to improve internal communication and to monitor the performance on an individual. Digitise the performance management & internal communications with StaffCircle.

Internal Communications App & Internal Communication Software for Business

StaffCircle provides internal communications app for personalised & accessible communication. This internal communication platform removes the interruptions & gives a consistent communication experience. To know more about employee intranet & internal communication system, please visit the website.

Performance Management System & Employee Performance Software

StaffCircle offers performance management system to create a high performance culture. The software tracks the employee performance and create a consistent record for better reviews appraisals & rewards for the employee. Visit StaffCircle for a demo.

OKRs Software, Why Your Work Structure Needs OKRs Software

OKRs Software stands for objectives & key results. It’s a goal management framework which helps to achieve the common objectives by improving the focus & transparency. To know more about the OKRs software, visit StaffCircle.

Human Resources Software for HR & People Management

Human resources software allows HR to analyse and track the employee work and other activities. The human resource software performs many objectives and help reduce the amount of time taken to perform paper-based tasks. Visit StaffCircle to know more.

Employee Communication App & Employee Communication Platform

StaffCircle offers the employee communication app to improve the communications internal communication. The employee communication offered by StaffCircle is a complete platform for your non-desk and desk-based employees. For more details, visit the website.

Employee Management Software & Workforce Management Software

The team at StaffCircle offers an employee management software which improves the performance management & workforce communication through the digitised form. Visit StaffCircle to know more!

Employee Engagement Programs & Employee Engagement Platform

The employee engagement platform by StaffCircle improves the employee engagement with digital tools. The employee engagement programs is able to maintain proper employee appraisals, analysis and engagements. Visit StaffCircle to know more.

Employee Appraisal System & Performance Review App

Employee appraisal system is a basic need of every company. StaffCircle is sharing benefits of using 360 appraisal tool, performance review & feedback app. To know more about the employee performance appraisal tool, please visit StaffCircle.

Employee Engagement Platform & Employee Engagement Programs

StaffCircle helps in employee performance management with the help of employee engagement platform and give regular updates & feedbacks of the individual to fetch out the best of your employees. To know more, please visit the website.

Workforce Communications App & Employees Platform

StaffCircle offers a digitised employee platform & workforce communications to improve the internal communications and increase the productivity. Visit StaffCircle to know more!

Internal Communications App

Create a greater employee management with internal communication apps and internal communication platforms with StaffCircle. Watch the video and get a web demo of communications.

Performance Management System

Get a consistent performance reviews of the staff with performance management system & employee performance software. Watch video and get an overview of StaffCircle performance management system.

Employee Performance Software

StaffCircle provides an employee performance software & performance management system to create an easy and consistent review process using web or mobile. Get a web demo of performance management software by watching this video.

Employee Performance Management Software

Watch this video and know how to use employee performance management software to create & manage a performance review.

  • StaffCircle provides a employee communications and workforce automation platform which improves internal company communication and feedback and provides easy access to training, ideas, tasks and company directory. This is delivered it to staff via the smartphone in their pocket, or tablet or pc.

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