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Curated Lesson Resources- Food and Nutrition




Description: This page allows students to choose from a variety of games that reinforce good eating habits.
Rationale: I chose this game because I want to add an element that is fun to the lesson. Hopefully the student will not only enjoy the game, but also learn the material in a way that isn't boring.

MyPlate Song

Description: This song talks about the 5 food groups, and how eating each helps your body.
Rationale: I chose this song because some students are auditory learners, and can remember things better if they are in song form.




Description: This resource helps students decide how to structure their lunch meals at school.
Rationale: Most students eat lunch at school, so if they know how to structure their plate based on what they are served, then they will be more aware of what they should be putting into their bodies.

The risks of poor nutrition :: SA Health

Description: This article outlines the potential risks of eating unhealthy.
Rationale: Students will know how to eat right, but they should also know the consequences of consistently choosing a poor diet.


Description: This is a helpful tool for students to create a meal plan for themselves, or to track what they have eaten.
Rationale: It is important for students to know what they put in their bodies. When they are able to look ahead (or look back) and see what food choices they make, they are better able to assess how they can change their diet for the better.

My Plate - Food Group Match Game

Description: This is another game the students can play that has them match foods with the specific food group they belong to.
Rationale: This is a game that I can use to help reinforce the 5 food groups to my students in a more stimulating way.

Food Calorie Counter & Calculator

Description: This calculator allows a student to plug in a specific food, and the calculator will tell them how many calories each food item contains based on the serving size.
Rationale: I chose to include the calculator to allow students to see just how many calories everyday food items contain.

Quiz Table of Contents

Description: On this page, students can test their understanding of the 5 food groups by taking quizzes.
Rationale: Self testing is important to memorizing and retaining important information. By using these quizzes, students can test their knowledge and reinforce concepts they have just learned.

How Greasy Are Your Potato Chips? | Science Project

Description: This is a science project that tests how greasy potato chips are.
Rationale: This is a possible project I could do, or have the students do to illustrate how unhealthy chips can be for your body.

Healthy Eating Plate

Description: This site has a picture of a food chart that will be helpful for my students to view.
Rationale: I want my students to be able to view a visual representation of what a healthy plate looks like. Also, visual learners will benefit from being able to see the words next to the relative portions on the plate.