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Hyperdoc Resources

Ten resources that I can use for my Hyperdocs lesson.

Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement) - Cover Ft. Cole Rolland

Moonlight Sonata in a rock style arrangement!

This is to help students understand that "classical" music is not boring, and that we can identify with that music in new ways today!

Ludwig van Beethoven Biography

Short biography of Beethoven's life.

This article is to give students a brief overview of Beethoven's life.

A translation of and analysis for Beethoven's Heiligenstadt Testament.

I chose this article/translation because it exemplifies the struggles that Beethoven felt and will help the students to view him as a real person.

10 Beethoven Songs that You've Heard and Don't Know the Name

A video playing some of Beethoven's most popular and recognizable pieces.

This video will help students realize that they have heard Beethoven's music before, and for them to start to connect him with what they have already heard.

Beethoven's Impact: How He Changed Music

A short article describing Beethoven's impact on western music compositionally and evolutionarily.

I chose this article so that students will understand how influential and important Beethoven was as a composer.

Beethoven's Death and Legacy

Article describing Beethoven's cause of death, funeral, and legacy.

I chose this article because it explains how beloved Beethoven was by the time of his death.

Ludwig Van Beethoven Pictures

Images of Beethoven, his manuscripts, and stamps in his memory.

I chose this collection because it helps the students to think of Beethoven as a person and less of a historical figure, and also to help them recognize him in pictures.

Celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven's 245th Year: Symphony No. 5 game

This is a fun game where students help piece together his Symphony No. 5.

I chose this game because it will help promote music literacy while they are listening to his symphony.

This is a short personality quiz to see which of Beethoven's symphonies a student is like.

I chose this quiz as a fun way for students to become more interested in his symphonies and to feel more of a personal connection with at least one of B's works.

A quick 13 question quiz to check students' retention for what they've learned about Beethoven!

I chose this quiz as it gives immediate feedback and so that I can check to make sure that students are retaining the information.

This is an article that tells the story of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony's premiere.

I chose this article because it is a heart-warming story that helps us to understand Beethoven's passion for music, but also the extent of his deafness.

The Curse of the Ninth Haunted These Composers

This is an article with linked videos that explain the "Curse of the ninth," a phenomenon that began with Beethoven.

I chose this article because it showed the ninth symphonies of composers that died after completing these works and begins by explaining how the curse began with Beethoven.