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03/2013 Favourite Blog Posts List Tweet4Ok

Every week I curate my favourite blog posts and share them on my blog at http://tweet4ok/blog Please feel free to add, suggest and vote!
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Beating Hearts not Rolling Eyes. Will Passion be the Metric of the Future? | via @nickkellet

Passion is a wonderful, but how do you measure it? Today, our passions determine how we spend our time but media is measured by impressions. Is this right?

How To Reach Young Readers With Awesome Messaging

My friend Cathryn Wellner has a wonderful blog called This Gives Me Hope where she is well on her way to post 1001 stories that give us hope. Today she posted a story that touched me on many different levels. The way the Melbourne Transit authority gets their message across is a great example how we can touch our audiences so much better if we create engaging and unique content.

Is Social Media Creating a Lonely Planet?

A new study explores whether or not updating social networks affects lonelinessThere are over 400 million Tweets published on Twitter every day. There are also 48 hours of video uploaded on YouTube

Ag student group creates social media plan

Social media once again is taking center stage as an effective way to communicate for an agricultural group. Animal Agriculture Alliance’s advocacy scholarship program, College Aggies Online (CAO), is going to not only share their stories within their organization, but to the entire nation as well.

Three Do's and Don'ts for Using Humor in Marketing

Incorporating humor into marketing can be tricky. Laughs are great, but what you really want are sales. Let's break down the most effective ways to play it for laughs without losing sight of the end goal.

4 Businesses Leveraging Storytelling With Images | Social Media Examiner

Have you noticed the importance of images in social media? Do you use images to tell stories about your business? Keep reading to discover four creative u

A Beginners Guide to Social Video

Heading into the new year, I wanted to find new ways to engage with members of my community. The one that has caught fire with me has been video. I now do a semi regular Google Hangout and I send a Vsnap to a new person every day. Video is a great way to communicate with your community in a new,