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Updated by Emma Thomas on Apr 17, 2019
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8 Benefits of using coupons for students

A survey revealed that most students use coupons when shopping. Those students who live on their own rather than being dependent on someone else are more likely to use coupons.


Wondering how? Here are 8 benefits that students can get by using coupons

According to Valassis, 94% of millennials used coupons in 2017. Another study shows that college-educated students are more likely to make use of coupons by 78%. Looking at it from a global lens, coupons are most used in America and China.
A coupon is in a printed form or a digital graphic that reads a code applying to which purchase can take your total bill down. From the retailer’s point of view, it is a marketing campaign designed to increase sales and revenue. However, coupons don’t come short of benefits for the consumers who use them wisely. For students, they can be especially helpful.


They can avail online courses on reduced prices

Statistics show that nearly 6 million students are taking a minimum of one online course as part of their degree. Coupons can help slash down the fee of the course and, in turn, add to your savings. Online programs offer coupons to increase awareness and advertise, to get more students to enroll and to gain points over their competitors. To start with you can find several coupons for Udemy courses on couponing websites.


They can purchase their school essentials on discount

Sometimes the sum that your parents give you for purchasing all the items that you need for classes is not enough. After all, you don’t just need a bag, some books and stationery. In fact, you need more of everything so that it can last you an entire year. All this adds to your expenses.
By using coupons, you can purchase more by having to pay less for each item that you purchase. Stores tend to offer the lowest prices in the back-to-school season from July to August as consumer expenditure at this time of the year is second to only Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


They can combine coupons with student discount

Not all stores allow this, but many do as well. As a student, you can combine any coupons available with your student discount and enjoy even with better prices. This will enable you to save a whole lot. To see whether or not a store allows you to combine both, you can read the terms and conditions of use of the coupon or voucher. If you find nothing there, you can search on the website of the store.


They can purchase electronics on reduced prices

A survey shows that the usage rate of laptops and PCs in the United States stands at 88%, higher than even that of smartphones. Another survey conducted in 2015 reveals that 9 out of 10 students make use of laptops or PCs to do their school work. Now these devices can be too heavy on the pocket. With coupons, you can fetch them on lowered prices. You can purchase such an electronic device during holiday events to get the best deal.


They can buy and stock apparel that may be needed ahead in the year

Multiple researches show that the most expenditure made for back-to-school items is on apparel. This stresses on the need for clothing to wear to school all year round. This also shows that you need a lot of money for buying clothes. This is another way, coupons can come to your rescue. By using coupons that offer great value, you can purchase more items at once. You can also purchase the items of next season beforehand which are already on sale by combining the sale price with a promo code.


They can use coupons for eating out

Student life includes frequent outings with friends. Whether its your birthday or some other treat that you owe to your pals, the more the friends come along, the higher the bill you have to pay. Here again, coupons can be of assistance. You can hang out at an eatery that offers and accepts coupons. This way, you won’t be strapped for cash.


They can purchase items that they wouldn’t otherwise

When you have coupons sitting in your computer or in your drawer, you can also purchase an item that you haven’t ever before because you have never had the extra cash to do so. Once in a while you can treat yourself to a gift as well which you may not otherwise be able to if you are often short on money.


They can save a lot of money

Rather than making the mistake of spending everything that you save from using coupons, save that money and keep track of all that you do to save with coupons. According to a study, shoppers who used coupons on the purchase of CGP goods saved from $1560 to $2600 annually. From this you can see how much you can save in a year by just saving $30 to $50 in a week by using coupons.
Some stores where you can find the best student discounts include ASOS, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Sam’s Club, Levi’s, and J. Crew. In the technology segment, you can find great student discounts on Adobe, Microsoft, Lenovo, and Sony products. Chick-fil-A, Burger King, and Pizza Hut are three restaurants where you can find the best student discounts.
To sum up, using coupons can save you a lot of money and allow you to purchase more. With the help of coupons, you can purchase all your desirable items from apparel to technology. You can also use coupons from lowering your total at restaurants and bars. However, be sure to not overspend in greed as most tend to do when they eye a good deal. That will only cause you loss in the monetary department rather than make coupons beneficial.