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Drone Services

Aerial photography and videography services to the Private and Public sector


Industrial Drone Inspection

Nowadays industrial drone inspection can collect accurate data and you can see the complete scale from the aerial photography, and all the straight lines or curves lines of the building.

For structural inspection of buildings, drone can also provide this kind of professional inspection. Drone was supervised to inspect the facade glass of the building. Industrial Drone Inspection possible discover water leaks, crack, and any other potential defeat of building

Drones help to increase the inspection efficiency. UAVs can bypass obstacles such as wires and sprinkler systems, and even fly to places that are difficult for workers to reach, so that the building inspectors can inspect each part of the building in details through Industrial Drone Inspection?


Drone Videography Services

Drone Videography services able provide customer a new and fresh perspective to see the world. HD photography shooting has been too common and even with mobile phones people can easily take high-quality photos. Drone services is a power marketing tool impress your target customers. Drone videography services is a unique and high-tech technology, it can be use in different industries. In general, drone videography services can be often used in movie or documentary film, such as volcanic eruption, brilliant and dangerous frame are filmed by drone videography services.

In Singapore, there are different industry also using drone videography services to attract their customers. Even Singapore government also employed drone videography services.

The live TV show of the National Day military parade also filmed by aerial drone videography services. In Singapore, we can provide our professional drone videography services for Real Estate industry, Hotel industry, Event Industry, Construction Industry.


Drone Mapping Services

Construction Projects with Drone Mapping Services
There is plenty of advantages for construction industry by using Drone Mapping Services. Drone mapping can let you regularly update your construction management and your valued customers about the progress of your projects in our professional drone mapping. Drone mapping Services can also measure the inventory of raw material such as gravel. Drone mapping services will be able to generate a 3D models of construction site which can assist construction management to understand for the whole picture and create a better strategic to increase the standard and reduce the cost. To try a new technology, it can bring you to another level of professional and success.

We create and analyze 2D / 3D Models using advance drones and software. Architectural 2D/3D Modelling is a process photos taken by drones to generate high-precision 2D/3D models. Can be used for buildings and infrastructures inspection, advertising and others. Digital, high-precision 2D/3D models can be archived permanently. The model can be printed with a printer.

However, Safety has always been top priority in our work. We conduct pre-flight condition assessment to ensure smooth flight and safe environment. Our pilot obtain operator permit from CAAS (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore). As with every job that is tasked upon us, we will also apply for the required activity permit & obtain permission from the relevant authorities before the job is carryout, we are Drone professional, experienced & committed to produce results for any assignment.

We also provide the following services such as

1.Drone Aerial Photography & Drone Aerial Video

2.Aerial Inspection Services (Chimney, Power Line, Flare Inspection etc) & Surveillance

3.Aerial Mapping

4.Architecture, Real Estate, Landscape & Commercial Photography.


Drone facade inspection

Drone Facade Inspection for building possible defects can be time-consuming, costly and risky, and requires equipment such as ropes and gondolas. The process of marking out defects, taking photographs and churning out a report could take up to several weeks, depending on the building’s dimensions. But……

Drone Facade Inspection perfectly solve this issue. It can fly close to the facade and hundreds of high-definition images and 4K videos can be captured. Through high-definition image transmission, inspections of buildings can be conducted in real-time, hidden structural problems can be discovered in advance, making maintenance work more efficiently.

MIRS specialist carrying out Drone Facade Inspection for Building, only operated by a two-man team, photography duration not more than 30 minutes…..


Construction Drone Services

There is no better way to track the progress of site construction than photography and videography from sky using drone. Construction drone service is getting famous nowadays which allow the project director to monitor the progress for the entire construction project.

Our teams will create and save a flight path and way points for the drone so that it can take the photo and record the video at the exact same point in the air on a weekly and monthly basis throughout the entire project’s timeline.


Aerial Survey Services

Aerial survey services provide us multiple ways to collect highly accurate data for preparing reports, mapping and analyses.

What kind of Aerial survey services can provide for the golf course?

Nowadays, Aerial survey services can reduce the cost and timing of inspection. For example, monitoring lawn growth rate, water distribution management and find out the puddle after rainstorm.

The growth of golf course lawn is mainly affected by water distribution. However, water management is one of the most time-consuming task in golf course management. Drones survey services can be easily to solve the problems. Drone with a high-definition camera and specific camera can analyze the condition of the golf course lawn in a more quickly and microscopically way.


Aerial Photography Drone Singapore

MIRS Innovate is a Drone Innovation company from Singapore, we focused on providing professional. Drone has been widely used in the Media Industry, and it has been an indispensable tool for film-making and broadcasting. Through drone, high-definition videos and images can be captured from a new solutions to our customers.

We are one of Aerial Photography Drone Singapore company which providing Aerial photography and videography services to the Private and Public sector. High-resolution images and clear videos can be taken with drone and through high-definition image transmission, inspections of buildings can be conducted in real-time, hidden structural problems can be discovered in advance, making maintenance work more efficient.


Aerial Photography Services Singapore

Most of us had dream of being on top of the mountain and view the beautiful scenery of the city. However, being on top of the mountain is not an easy job, effort needed. With drone technology, it allows you to view the world with different angle and in big pictures using aerial photography services Singapore.

Aerial Photography services become more and more popular in Singapore. Why Aerial photography is more attractive than normal Photography? I got many answers for this question. One of the answers that I got was ‘as long as you can fly, you already win!’. I would like to explain why Aerial photography more attractive than normal photography.

First, it provides people with bird’s eye view. Real state agent used to use it for advertising purpose because aerial photography shows overall views of large property or land that is open to development, as well as the surrounding environment.

It also helps on money saving, as aerial photography services Singapore always ready for aerial shooting, compare to helicopter, drone aerial photography services is cheaper and conveniences.

Second, as aerial photograph could capture a large area, the camera used for shooting very high in resolution so able to help to capture numerous details that naked eyes could not access.

Third, there is normal to see a drone flying at construction site. Construction company use aerial photography to follow-up the progress of construction. This is because it could offer big picture of construction progress to manager, so they could know how much they had completed.

Aerial Photograph record existing environment and condition for future study. Drone could go close to object that we interested, follow the object if the object is moving.

Aerial photography services Singapore does not limit to any industry, as we believe that in future drone technology could be more progressive and benefit to the market. There is the reason where our vision came from, continuously investing in new drone technology to improve and expand our capabilities in existing drone service. Stand competitive!


Drone Construction Inspection & Photography

Once in awhile we maybe heard the news about the injury or even death happen in the construction areas. Finding a better way to lower risk in the jobsites, construction companies nowadays are increasingly turning to drones to do the inspection and drone mapping in order to improve efficiency, cost effective and ensure the safety for the workers as well. Undoubtedly, Drone construction inspection & photography is the perfect solution for the construction company as the cost is much cheaper than man power and more safety concern in the jobsites.

Drone construction Photography services is much easier to check twice from the inspection photo or video and the sources can be used for the inspection report which is much more convenient to refer the results. A professional drone service team like MIRS Innovate will provide the details in the report and point out the suspicious part for the construction companies. MIRS Innovate do have the professional license and permit in order to provide the professional drone services. The drone inspection report is getting more important and value to the construction companies as it can prove the quality of their work and the so that construction companies will have more confidence to get the chances to take more new projects.


Professional Drone Photography Services in Singapore

Drone Photography Has Begun to Become Mainstream.

Drone photography is becoming one of the mainstreams of photo shooting methods. This can be predictable from the fact that the resulting images from drone shot are completely unique and different than what we have seen since the beginnings of photography. We can enjoy a lot of different aerial photography on social media today which will blow your mind and grab your eyes as it will trigger your interests to let you stare at the photos.

In the past time, photographer is hard to go the difficult-to-reach areas such as jungles and rainforests. Drone is the best solution for photographer that could easily help them to gain access to those dangerous areas and photographer will no longer need to go on perilous treks to take photos. Journalist will also no longer need to place themselves in the center of disaster areas and some dangerous zones to get the latest news and photo.

Amazing Action Shots by Amazing Professional Team

Drone photography will inspire your creativity and innovation when you get tired of taking photo from your DSLR camera. The ordinary shooting method seems like every single photo you take may look dull and unimaginative. Drone photography could enlarge your imagination and creativity as it can take photo with a super wide angle.

In the meantime, drone photography is one of the powerful tools for inspection especially in construction site as it could show you the things that you have never realized before. MIRS innovate will be your best partner to assist you to figure out some hidden issues from the inspection in order to guarantee the progress of your work is going perfectly.


The Future of Infrastructure Inspection using Drones

The Future of Infrastructure Inspection using Drones

Today, an increasing number of companies are using drone technology for visual inspection, as it is a cost-conscious and effective way to inspect at heights and inaccessible areas.

The use of drones for inspection of power lines, civil infrastructure etc. offer advantages such as:

quick overview and evaluation of the condition

sharp and detailed photographs of defects

high quality images and video

preventive maintenance planning and optimised production

access to hard to reach areas

reduced downtime

high level of personnel safety.

Drone infrastructure inspection of the power grid – power pylons

Drones can be used to inspect power lines and power pylons for bird’s nests, lightning strikes, rust/corrosion and damaged bolts. Our drone solution system takes into account the magnetic interference of the power lines which affects the drone compass. Therefore, we can fly extremely close to the power lines, and as a result provide high resolution images and data, useful in the optimisation of your maintenance plan.

Depending on your needs, a high-resolution camera or a thermographic camera is applied. The drone solution system makes it easy for our experts to sort the images and make detailed reports, which provide the exact data as to where the image was taken and the exact location on the power lines. An otherwise immense and almost impossible task, as many of the images will look alike.

Bridge inspection by drone

We can inspect all kinds of bridges, irrespective of them being on land, connecting islands or spanning divisions in a landscape. Our drones can view an item at any angle between +45° up and 90° down. An ability which is particularly useful when inspecting bridges.

Flying underneath or above the bridge to inspect for damages in the concrete, corrosion etc. without the cost of e.g. a rope access team makes aerial UAV inspection an attractive alternative.

Building and drone roof inspection

A proactive inspection of buildings, rooftops and gutters or documentation of material damages after storm or other accidents is easy, safe and fast with our drone inspection solution.

Both still images and video is useful when inspecting rooftops, facilitating the detection of faults or defects. The drone can also be used for detection of heat related faults or defects inspection. For this kind of inspection a thermographic camera is attached, which quickly can pin out potential leaks.

The FORCE Technology drone solution

At FORCE Technology, we only use drones when we conclude that it is the optimal solution. Based on our extensive experience with and knowledge of all types of inspections, we always offer the best solution, tailored made for the job – with or without a drone.

Only experts ought to analyse data

During the drone inspection services, a FORCE Technology pilot operates the drone. During the flight, our certified NDT personnel usually operate the camera, record video and direct the pilot to the points of special interest and views of different angles of the construction.

Under normal circumstances, the drone inspection itself is quickly finished. The heavy workload lies in the analysis of the collected data, and the pictures taken by the drones. It is essential here to enlist relevant experts in analysis to obtain the full value from a drone inspection.

Someone lacking the necessary qualified experience may overlook a critical defect or fault, possibly with fatal consequences. For instance, an inspection concerning a steel construction requires an expert metallurgist to analyse and interpret the data.

An inspection report is produced, based on the analysis of the data, and is usually divided into categories of red, yellow and green priority according to the seriousness of the damage. This report can if needed include a service plan, with recommendations to cost-effective improvements.


Drone Photography Services from Mirs

Drone Photography Services from Mirs

Drone Photography Services produce amazing quality aerial drone photography and aerial filming in Singapore using the latest GPS enabled multi-rotor UAV drone quadcopters .

Drone Photography Services has Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) “Permission for Commercial Operations” PfCO which means we are a licensed commercial operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) drones

All of our skilled pilots have passed the CAA-approved exams, flight assessments, and hold the established industry Remote Pilot Qualification (RPQ-s) for multi-rotor aircraft under 7kg.

Our experienced pilots are capable of flying our agile drones close to difficult locations, day or night while maintaining the highest standards in safety and operation.

Drone Photography Services are pioneering commercial drone photography flying up to 400ft, turning new ideas for aerial imagery into stunning reality.

Our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) carry cameras using the best gyro-stabilised gimbals to produce ultra sharp HD 4K video and 20 megapixel still images.

Our Pilots have a live HD video feed from the drone to the ground, allowing us to view and change in real time camera angles and setting from the ground. We operate with one or two crew depending on the job. For a more complicated shoot we use two ground stations with a pilot and a separate camera operator.

We have a wide variety of clients using our aerial drone photography, filming and drone video services which include:

Aerial corporate videos for product launches, advertising, websites and promotion

Real Estate Drone Photography

Commercial property aerial photography

Events and sports aerial filming

Tourism, travel and hotel aerial photography and video

Indoor aerial photography

360° Virtual Reality Aerial Panoramas

Night photography and filming

Our largest business growth for drone aerial photography is now coming from using drone UAV’s for surveys, 2D and 3D mapping and Precision Agriculture. Using our pre-programed flight paths and flying autopilot with pinpoint GPS positioning, we are able to produce very detailed and accurate results.

Here are a list of the our most popular applications:

360 Photography

360 Aerial Panoramas & 3D Virtual Tours | 360 Ground-Based Panoramas | Google Street View | 360 Video

Damage inspection and progress monitoring

Roof and building surveys | construction sites | planning applications | roof, tower and chimney inspections | flooding and flood risk | erosion | wind turbines | solar panels | weather damage | forest management.

Accurate 2D and 3D mapping usages

NDVI imagery for precision agriculture | volumetric analysis | stockpile monitoring | quantity surveying | risk assessments | Drone mapping


Serving Up The Future – Aerial Drone Solutions

Serving Up The Future – Aerial Drone Solutions

Aerial photography has evolved over the years, finding new ways to create the most incredible shots and views possible. Drone technology has made it possible for affordable aerial videography / photography work using unmanned aerial systems. When you need the absolute best aerial view possible, or high quality aerial images for any use, Singapore Aerial Works should be your first call.

Our company vision is built on a legacy of flight, and a passion for high quality aerial photography for your event or business. Whether you are using aerial images for your real estate listing or any corporate events, we have a complete turnkey solution.

When looking for the best aerial imaging services in Singapore, you need a solution that is professional and efficient. Hiring the wrong company can result in poor image quality, or even worse an accident. That’s why you should hire the best drone photography service in the business. If you have the needs to fly over the height level, you should find the drone specialist to handle. In addition, you do not need to spend more budget to invest the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), just hire a team of drone specialist to finish the jobs.

Utilizing unmanned aerial vehicle’s (UAV) for infrastructure asset management is a more flexible alternative to traditional solutions for inspecting large, complex structures for aerial drone solutions.

In a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, our UAV solutions satisfy Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements and enable optimized asset performance analysis and maintenance programs.

Benefits of a UAV Inspection Program

Safety: Improved safety achieved by moving people away from high energy sources

Speed: Heightened productivity resulting from more rapid inspection performance utilizing automation both during flight as well as during the condition review process

Data Quality and Availability: Increased data quality derived from full energy spectrum pictography, high definition photos, structured data collection, and over time trend analysis

Long-Term Value: Strengthened asset risk management, investment management, and operations and maintenance management driven by more timely and complete, higher quality data acquisition and analysis.

Implementing a UAV Program

Implementing a UAV asset inspection program should encompass the following considerations:

Regulatory, legal and insurance concerns

Forms design for data collection of transmission or distribution assets

New business process development and implementation

Post-flight data processing, analytics and subsequent remediation or monitoring activities

Development of new risk and other analytical algorithms to take advantage of image data

Technology systems integration

Longer-term deployment of newer and upgraded platforms, automation and navigation techniques both from structure to structure and around individual structures

Potential changes to design strategies for future new construction to incorporate utilization of UAV platforms

Potential dedicated network and data transfer requirements


Using Drones For Real Estate Photography

Marketing a real estate property is one of the most difficult things to do in business today.

The competition is brutal, partly because online listings generate most of the leads. Almost every property buyer today begins her search online.

So, it can be really hard to stand out from the pack.

Before the birth of consumer camera drones, aerial images were captured using costly methods. You’d have to hire a helicopter to fly you around and use expensive photography equipment to get good shots. As a result, only high-end properties were frequently marketed using aerial real estate images.

But now that drones have become portable, affordable, and customizable, it’s become a trendy tool in real estate marketing. It’s finally possible for anybody to achieve fantastic bird’s-eye view shots of their property — that is, after the drone has been registered and the drone operator has acquired the permit for professional use of small unmanned aircraft systems (UASs).

Today, drones and the internet are considered to be two of the most important technologically advanced innovations to enter real estate marketing. Real Estate Drone photography has not only made listings stand out among the rest, but also helps secure sales.


When shopping for a drone for real estate, considering which features are useful can help narrow the options. Features to look for include:

Camera quality – You want a drone with a high-resolution camera (i.e., 20-megapixels) that offers 4K video capabilities with a high frame rate (i.e., 8 fps).

Flight time – Most top-end drones are capable of 25-30 minute flight times, which should be sufficient for most properties.

Control range – Some drones only have a range of several hundred yards, which can inhibit your freedom to get high-angle or wide-angle photos and videos of a property. If possible, get a drone that has a range of at least one mile just to be safe.

Stability – A drone with a built-in gimbal or gyroscope will help keep it level for sharp photos and smooth videos. Some drones are so stable that you can get bracketed exposures as well.

Safety features – Many drones have anti-collision systems and fail-safes that return them to home when the battery is low. These features are particularly important if you’ll be using them in populated areas.

How are drones used in real estate?

These gadgets are currently being used for sports events, minor films and even some security companies. And, of course, in real estate. If you don’t keep up with the competition, you could risk being left behind!

This kind of visual marketing speaks for itself: homes with aerial images sell 68% faster than those without. When a client asks to see a property, instead of many hours of photography, panoramas and lighting, with a few fly-bys a drone can capture the entire plot in a few minutes.

That’s one of the reasons 73% of clients are more likely to list with agents using video. Montages, slow-zoom, the plot captured at any distance from any angle – all with one simple tool.

It’ll provide unique insights, movement and dynamism to any marketing or property plans in your business. It could just be the new perspective you need!

Popular Drones Used In Real Estate Today

If you are considering purchasing a drone to record video and photos for real estate listings, then consider these three popular choices used by many real estate drone photographers today. (Note: the Phantom 4 is the latest in a long line of Phantoms, by far the most popular flying platform used by real estate photographers).

All three choices are ready-to-fly flying cameras that come complete with a 4K camera, 3-axis gimbal, flying platform, live video, advanced flight control software and a flight controller that are work together as a single product. Each one also carries at least a 1-year warranty.


Professional Drone Services by Mirs

The professional drone services market has yet to truly take off, but early practitioners are encouraging channel firms to develop a play.

The drone services market is still in in infancy, but that hasn’t stopped a slew of companies, both large and small, from entering the field as providers. The market also features a number of individual pilots who offer services on a freelance basis.

Get premium quality aerial photos & video captured by one of our vetted and experienced professional drone photographers. We provide our pilots with necessary training to get it right the first time and on time.

We take the time necessary to understand your business objectives prior to launching any project. We understand that not all projects and properties are alike and that a cookie-cutter template won’t always work for you.

We offer nationwide drone photography services and provide professional consistency and reliability for your brand. Our scale is large enough to enable fast turnaround times and eliminate any and all travel fees or expenses that could otherwise be borne by clients. The expert drone operators within our network are vetted and proven, and are ready to take on any project you send our way.

We have the flexibility required to adapt our services for any project and provide a simple solution for getting quality results.

Our services are fast, affordable and industry-specific, with easily accessible and downloadable files available within 2 days (usually less)! Our powerful drone and UAV mapping software allows us to process, analyze and share your data for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Specifically, PDS offers aerial photography and aerial mapping solutions for businesses looking to boost profits, improve safety and efficiency and up their competitive edge!

In addition to aerial photography and aerial imaging services, we offer 3D aerial mapping, visual inspections, vertical inspections and property inspections, roof inspections (thermal imaging). Industries served include Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Telecom, Construction, Oil & Gas, Public Safety/First-Responders/Law Enforcement, Agriculture and Golf Courses. Other applications include Business Marketing, Event Promotion, Weddings/Engagement Announcements, Search-and-Rescue Missions.

Whether augmenting an existing in-house program or outsourcing all of your data collection. We now offers nationwide data collection services tailored to your workflow. Order to delivery all happens within the our platform, with a typical turnaround time of 4 business days.

We tailored to your workflow and needs

Value added services to drive additional insights

Drone data is always delivered on-time and up-to-spec so your team can focus on making decisions

Generate value immediately without needing to stand up a drone program.

Our services include:

inspections, both visual and thermal/infrared

Drone Mapping Services

Drone 3D modeling

PR and marketing, relevant to stakeholder management and recruitment

volume measurement